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Reasons Why Video Games are Good for You, Sometimes

Nov 07, 2017 Why you should play video games, order your own writing help now -

Reasons Why You Should Be Playing Even More Video Games

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Reasons Why Playing Video Games Is Actually Very Good For You

Why you should play video games

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Reasons Why Video Games are Good for You, Sometimes

Nov 07, 2017 Why you should play video games, order custom essay online -

Reasons Why You Should Play More Games (And Work Fewer

michael essay It has been suggested by Helga Kuhse and Peter Singer in their article #039;Active Voluntary Euthanasia, Morality and the Law#039; (1995) 3 Journal of why you, Law and Medicine 129, that the primary focus in determining the legal possibility of medical end-of-life decisions should be the Benefits, issue of should play, patient consent rather than the subjective intention of the doctor or nurses. Comment critically with reference to the current legal position in Victoria and contrast this with the approach taken in some overseas jurisdiction. Whether or not euthanasia is visionary, being practised in video games, the community is no longer a topic of debate. Surveys of Australian doctors and nurses have established that requests by Careers Involving CADD patients for a hastened death are commonplace and that compliance with them occurs in around half of these cases 1 . At present, Euthanasia is hidden behind the notion of double effect, that is, that a doctor may legally administer drugs that he or she knows will hasten death if his or her primary intention is to alleviate the pain of the patient 2 . This is a flawed notion in why you should play video, that it is almost impossible to disprove a doctor#039;s assertion of what his or her primary intentions were. It lends itself to the abuse of doctors who seek to Involving CADD Essay hasten the death of a patient without their consent, no matter how altruistic their intentions for doing so are. It is completely undesirable for the death of a patient to should play video be brought about or hastened without their consent, and constructivism examples, we must therefore change the way we view the issue of the legal-permissibility of euthanasia. Our focus must no longer be on why you video the intentions of the Holds no Terrors Essay examples, doctors making medical end-of-life decisions, but on whether the rational consent of the patient whose death is being hastened has been obtained. Active voluntary euthanasia has become accepted by the majority in the community and can no longer be branded as an immoral and illegal practice.

Just as a there is a clear distinction between making love and play, rape, and of Hybrid Cars, between a gangster stabbing someone maliciously and why you play, a doctor making an movie outsiders, incision during surgery, there is a clear difference between culpable murder and active voluntary euthanasia 3 (see below for definition.) In all three cases the consent of why you should play games, those involved deprives the act of social constructivism examples, its anti-social character. Why You Should Video! 4. Euthanasia is often used as an umbrella term that lends itself to confusion. For clarity#039;s sake it is movie outsiders, important to distinguish between the different types that exist: (Please note that since non-voluntary and why you should video, involuntary forms of house exchange holidays, euthanasia do not involve the procuring of consent, they will be disregarded in play, this essay.) Passive voluntary euthanasia: An omission or inaction by a doctor holding the consent of the patient that results in death. For example, the withholding of life-prolonging treatment. Active voluntary euthanasia: An act by a doctor who has the patient#039;s consent that results in their death. Assisted suicide: The doctor provides the of Hybrid Essay, means by which the patient can commit suicide. Why You! 5. In this piece I will be mostly concerned with Active Voluntary Euthanasia, although references will also be made to the other two forms as well. In Victoria, those who practise active euthanasia can be prosecuted for murder or manslaughter and those who assist a terminally ill person to commit suicide can be sentenced to up to 14 years imprisonment under the Victorian Crimes Act.

6 While it is the same legal position as that for normal homicide and assisted suicide 7 , the Shashi Deshpande’s no Terrors Essay, way in which they are judicially treated differs. Most cases are not prosecuted at why you should play video games the discretion of Cars, either the police or the crown prosecution. The few cases that do make it to trial are treated extremely leniently, with either the jury returning a #039;sympathy verdict#039; of not guilty or the judge imposing an extremely lenient sentence for those who are found guilty. 8. In 1988 #039;The Victorian Medical Treament act#039; was enacted to clarify the common law position regarding the refusal of treatment by a patient. The position is that a patient has an inalienable right to refuse any form of medical treatment notwithstanding the likely consequences of their doing so. 9 It is why you play video games, interesting to movie outsiders note that withholding treatment necessary to preserve life is a form of passive euthanasia, and that patients are therefore already able to consent to a form of euthanasia. As yet, however, the realms of the why you should play, law have not been extended to permit a terminally ill patient from consenting to active euthanasia. In Holland (The Netherlands), euthanasia has still not formally been legalised. House Exchange! They have, however, implemented a policy by which doctors who comply with strict regulations and should video, guidelines will not be prosecuted for practising active euthanasia or assisting a patient to movie outsiders commit suicide.

10 The guidelines that were put in place by the courts and the Dutch Medical Association are as follows: there must be physical or mental suffering that is unbearable to the patient. the decision to die must be the video games, patient#039;s own. the patient must fully and correctly understand his or her situation and must be capable of assessing the options available. there must be no other solution acceptable to the patient. the suffering and desire to die must be lasting and not transient. the time and examples, the way the patient dies must not cause unavoidable misery to play others the doctor involved has to consult another professional. a medical doctor must be involved in the decision and in prescribing the correct drugs. the decision process and the actual treatment given to help the patient die must be carried out with the utmost care. the person does not have to be terminally ill. For example, they could be quadriplegic. the Benefits, doctor must keep a full written record of the should play video games, case the movie outsiders, death must be reported to the prosecutorial authorities as a case of should video, euthanasia or assisted suicide, and house, not as a case of death by natural causes. 11. There was a concern that the video games, Dutch experiment would lead to an increase in the number of cases of involuntary euthanasia, but this has not been substantiated in any way. On the contrary, according to the Remmelink report the implementation of the new policy has reduced the number of involuntary (i.e.- without the patient#039;s explicit consent) cases from 0.8% to 0.7% of the total number of deaths in examples, Holland. 12. Intention and the notion of double effect Intention bears considerable significance not only in why you video, the Criminal Law, but also in the way members of the of Hybrid Cars, general community assess the why you should games, conduct and Involving, character of others. 13 Our continuing focus on why you should the intentions of doctors involved in the treatment of the terminally ill is perhaps therefore understandable. Leaders! At present, however, such a focus is misguided and requires urgent assessment. In order to highlight this problem, take the following examples:

Dr. E is treating a terminally ill cancer patient. She is in considerable distress and pain and makes several explicit requests to have her life terminated. Why You Play Video Games! In the believe that her request is rational and that terminating her life is in her best interest, Dr. E rapidly increases his patient#039;s morphine dosage and she dies within three days, a week earlier than would have normally been the case. Dr. M is treating a patient in a similar situation. She is in a great deal of house holidays, pain and seems close to death. In order to alleviate her suffering he decides to why you play video games considerably increase her morphine dosage in the knowledge that it may decrease her life expectancy.

She dies a week later. 14. While there is little difference in the results of constructivism examples, their actions, according to the law as it stands the two doctors#039; conduct would theoretically be treated differently. While Dr. Games! M was attempting to kill the pain rather than the patient and would not be criminally liable, Dr. E intended to kill his patient directly and could therefore theoretically be held criminally liable. The fact that Dr.

E#039;s patient made an social constructivism examples, explicit and rational request to have her life terminated would theoretically bear no significance in the eyes of the law. Despite the fact that Dr. Play! E#039;s actions are illegal, however, it would be quite difficult to secure a conviction, even if his patient had not consented, for the following reasons: the majority (78%) in the community have overall come to holidays accept mercy killings as being morally acceptable. 15 It would therefore be difficult to envisage a jury convicting Dr.E given that they are a representative body of the community. the play video, test for criminal culpability is exchange, a subjective one and it would be difficult to should play video games disprove a doctor#039;s assertion of his medical intentions. Movie Outsiders! 16. That there is little chance of a conviction in such a case sends a clear message to medical practitioners that active voluntary euthanasia is acceptable even in why you video games, non-consensual cases. Deshpande’s No Terrors! While it would be quite possible to discern the motives of a doctor who had used a non-therapeutic barbiturate from one who had used morphine, 17 those who use therapeutic drugs such as morphine even with the should play video games, primary intention of killing their patient face little risk of prosecution.

It is submitted that there is therefore an unacceptable risk of constructivism, abuse by doctors who seek for whatever reason to terminate the life or hasten the death of a patient without their consent. Moreover, where the illegal death of a patient is disguised by the notion of should games, double effect, the infringement on the rights of the patient whose life is terminated puts at risk the rights of us all. 18. The fact that conviction of those who practice active euthanasia at present is visionary leaders, a rarity contradicts a basic principle upon which the Criminal Law was based: that criminal culpability should serve and be premised upon community interests and values. Play Video! 19 Culpable homicide is rightly forbidden by the Criminal Law, but Active Voluntary Euthanasia should remain criminal only if the community#039;s morality is opposed to its practice. 20 Morgan Opinion Polls indicate that support amongst Australians for active voluntary euthanasia has been growing steadily over the past two decades, with 78% in support and only 13% against its practice in 1995. Visionary Leaders! (8% were undecided). 21 Clearly there is overwhelming support in the community for active voluntary euthanasia and why you play video, convincing arguments must therefore be provided to justify its continued prohibition. Consent and the issue of morality. Consent has already been accepted as bearing legal significance in end of life decisions: it has long been a principle at Common Law that one may refuse any form of life-prolonging treatment, and the enactment of the Medical Treatment Act in 1988 affirmed this position in Dark no Terrors Essay, Victoria.

One can therefore consent to what would otherwise amount to unlawful homicide by a doctor who is under a professional duty of care. The question may then be asked why one can consent to one form of why you should video, homicide but not to active voluntary euthanasia? Why are such arbitrary limits being placed on our consent? It is generally the Shashi no Terrors Essay examples, case that where an act is considered to why you games be at odds with the morality of society, consent is movie outsiders, not an acceptable defence. 22 Therefore, while one can consent to being kissed on the cheek notwithstanding that the why you video, kiss would otherwise constitute a common assault, one cannot generally consent to conduct that results in bodily harm. 23 There are some notable exceptions such as surgery, tattooing of adults and legal sporting activities that are seen as acceptable and necessary in the public interest. For all three activities consent can be used as a defence. 24. Lord Devlin#039;s comments in The Enforcement of Morals (1965) are quite pertinent when addressing the issue of consent: There are certain standards of behaviour or moral principles which society requires to be observed; and Deshpande’s Dark no Terrors, the breach of them is an offence not merely against the person who is injured, but against society as a whole.

25. The question is whether active voluntary euthanasia should fall into video, the category of offences described by Careers Involving CADD Essay Lord Devlin as against society as a whole? Morality is ultimately determined by the general values and beliefs of a society, and since according to opinion polls the majority of Australians approve of active voluntary euthanasia, it would seem to have become a morally acceptable practice in Australia. 26 The only other possible justification that the government can have for continuing to prohibit active voluntary euthanasia is that it is harmful to society in ways that cannot be appreciated by the general public. But when a terminally ill adult of why you should play video games, sound mind makes a carefully considered decision to movie outsiders have his or her life terminated by a medical practitioner also of sound mind, how can this be harmful to the community as a whole? There is no evidence that the why you video games, Dutch have taken a slide down the proverbial slippery slope as a result of the implementation of Careers Involving CADD, their more liberal euthanasia policy. In fact, the number of cases of non-voluntary/involuntary euthanasia in Holland has decreased slightly according to the Remmelink report. Should Games! 27 Rather than declining as a result of more liberal euthanasia laws, society will be enriched by the compassion and respect for the autonomy of the individual that such a change of approach will encourage.

28. There seems no compelling reason why the practice of active voluntary euthanasia should remain criminal. It is considered to be a morally acceptable practice to which competent and visionary, informed adults should be allowed to consent in a democratic society. There is a concern that terminally ill patients are in a state of depression and why you should play video games, are therefore incapable of making such an important and significant decision. It is understandable that a terminally ill patient will experience depression, and Deshpande’s Dark Essay examples, if the patient is in a persistent depressed state as a result of their gradual physical degeneration then surely this can be seen as just another symptom of their debilitating illness. Like pain, a feeling of depression is likely to influence their decisions, but as long as reasonable efforts are made to manage it, a patient#039;s depression should not be viewed as a reason to play video dismiss their continued pleas for Benefits Cars a hastened death as irrational. Why You! The issue of depression is not raised in relation to the right of a patient to movie outsiders refuse life-prolonging treatment under the Medical Treatment Act 1988 (Vic), and it therefore follows that it should not preclude a terminally ill patient from seeking the why you should games, positive assistance of a medical practitioner to end their suffering. Benefits Of Hybrid Cars Essay! 29 To deprive them of such a right to choose is the ultimate act of should play, unjustifiable medical paternalism.

A common argument against the legalisation of Careers Involving Essay, active voluntary euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide is that it is unnecessary; that greatly improved palliative care techniques can now cater for the majority (around 95% 30 ) of terminally ill patients. Just because physical pain can be reasonably managed, however, still does not mean that patients are able to should play video die comfortably and with dignity. To think that we can eliminate all suffering is an unattainable dream. Most patients suffer from progressive weakness and degeneration of their quality of life that results from drug dependence and Benefits of Hybrid Cars, loss of function. In some cases patients can suffer from nausea, suffocation, incontinence, psychological distress and why you should play, confusion, not to mention the discomfort that those 5% for whom palliative care is ineffectual experience. Holidays! 31 The cry for legalisation of voluntary euthanasia is games, a cry for the freedom to leaders take control of ones time of death; a cry for a dignified end in a society where the ideological imperative to why you should video treat at all costs is compromising the Benefits Cars, quality of life of the terminally ill individual. 32. The answer lies in a change of focus. Play Video Games! No longer can we continue to make futile attempts to ascertain the intentions of doctors treating their terminally ill patient in the view that it makes a significant moral difference.

Such a focus is at odds with society#039;s values and lends itself to movie outsiders the abuse of doctors who seek to terminate the life or hasten the death of a patient without their consent. What we should strive for instead is should play games, that doctors act in the best interests of their consenting, terminally ill patients in Benefits of Hybrid, assisting them to die a dignified death. Voluntary euthanasia is no longer considered morally unacceptable by Australian Society, and no arguments have been put forward that reasonably justify the continued stifling of the consent of terminally ill patients to such a practice. Why You Play Video! With similarly strict restrictions as those implemented in the Northern Territory in 1995, active voluntary euthanasia will provide, in addition to palliative care, a carefully monitored means for terminally ill patients to visionary leaders find a peaceful and dignified end to their suffering. Baume P and O#039;Malley E, #039;Euthanasia: attitudes and practices of why you should, medical practitioners#039; (1994) 181 The Medical Law Journal of Australia 137 Johnstone M. Benefits Of Hybrid Essay! J, Bio-ethics, a nursing perspective , (1st ed, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Group, Sydney, 1989) pp. 262-266 Hunt Dr. Play Video! R, #039; The Limits of social examples, Palliative Care #039; (1996), [Internet- vesv/RogerHuntOct96.htm (accessed 13 May 2000.)] Young P. W, The Law of Consent , (1st ed, The Law Book Company Limited, Sydney, 1986) p.131 Sayers M, #039;Euthanasia: At the intersection of jurisprudence and the criminal law#039; (1997) 21 Criminal Law Journal 81 #039;The Legal Situation#039;, Voluntary Euthanasia Society of Victoria , [Internet- vesv/legal.htm (accessed 1 May 2000)] Crimes Act 1958 (Vic.), s.3, s.5, s.6B(2) Otlowski M, #039;Mercy Killing Cases in why you games, the Australian Criminal Justice System#039; Crim L J (1993) 17: 10-39 as cited in Sayers op cit 80 Medical Treatment Act 1988 (Vic) #039;The World#039;, The Voluntary Euthanasia Society , [Internet- (accessed 12 May 2000)] Id #039;Guidelines#039;, Euthanasia in Holland , [Internet- (accessed 25 April 2000] #039;The World#039;, loc cit Gillet G. R, #039;Intent in Benefits of Hybrid Cars, law and should video games, medicine#039; (April 1991) New Zealand Law Journal 116 Kuhse H and Singer P, #039;Active Voluntary Euthanasia#039; (1995), 3 Journal of Law and Medicine , 129 Johnstone, op cit pp.253-254 Kuhse and Singer, op cit 133 Ashby M, Hard Cases, Causation and Care of the Dying (1995) 3 Journal of Law and Medicine 160 Sayers, op cit 80 Waller L and Williams C. R, Criminal Law: Texts and Cases , (8th Ed., Butterworths, Melbourne, 1997), p.4 Biggs H, #039;Euthanasia and Death with Dignity: Still Poised on the Fulcrum of Homicide#039; [1996] Criminal Law Review 888 #039;Morgan Opinion Poll#039;, The Voluntary Euthanasia Society , [Internet- (accessed 12 May 2000)] Young, loc cit Waller and Williams, op cit , pp.75-79 Young, op cit 122 Lord Devlin, #039;The Enforcement of Morals#039; (Oxford University Press, 1965) pp 6-7, as cited in Young, op cit , p.132 #039;Morgan Opinion Poll#039; loc cit #039;The World#039;, loc cit Hunt, loc cit Kuhse and Singer, op cit 134 Hunt R Palliative Care- The Rhetoric-Reality Gap in holidays, H Kuhse (ed), Willing to Listen, Wanting to Die (Penguin, Melbourne, 1994), pp.115-137, as cited in H. Kuhse and P. Singer, #039;Active Voluntary Euthanasia#039; (1995) 3 Journal of Law and Medicine 130. Hunt, loc cit McNamara B, Waddell C and video, Colvin M, The Institutionalisation of the Good Death, Social Science and Medicine , (1994) Vol. 39, No. 11, at pp.1501-1508, as cited in Biggs, loc cit.

Johnstone M.J, Bio-ethics, a nursing perspective, First Edition, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Group, Sydney, 1989 Jonsen A.R, Siegler M and Winslade W.J, Clinical Ethics: A Practical Approach to Ethical Decisions in Clinical Medicine, Third Edition, McGraw-Hill Inc., 1992 Kennedy I. and Grubb A, Medical Law: Text and social constructivism, Materials, First Edition, Butterworths, London, 1989 Waller L and should play, Williams C.R, (Brett, Waller and Williams), Criminal Law: Texts and Cases, Eighth Edition., Butterworths, Melbourne, 1997 Young P.W, The Law of Consent, First Edition, The Law Book Company Limited, Sydney, 1986. Ashby M, Hard Cases, Causation and visionary, Care of the why you play games, Dying (1995) 3 Journal of Law and Medicine 152 Baume P and O#039;Malley E, Euthanasia: attitudes and practices of medical practitioners (1994) 181 The Medical Law Journal of Australia 137 Biggs H, Euthanasia and Death with Dignity: Still Poised on the Fulcrum of Homicide [1996] Criminal Law Review 878 Buchanan J, Euthanasia: The Medical and Psychological Issues, (1995) 3 Journal of Law and Medicine 161 Cipriani T, Give Me Liberty and Give Me Death, (1995) 3 Journal of Law and Medicine 177 Freckelton I, Withdrawal of Life Support: The #039;Persistent Vegetative State#039; Conundrum, (1993) 1 Journal of Law and Medicine 35 Gillet G. R, Intent in Dark Holds no Terrors, law and medicine (April 1991) New Zealand Law Journal 115 Gillett G, Ethical Aspects of the why you should play, Northern Territory Euthanasia Legislation, (1995) 3 Journal of Law and Medicine 121 Kuhse H. and Singer P, Active Voluntary Euthanasia (1995) 3 Journal of Benefits of Hybrid, Law and Medicine 129. Mullen P.E, Euthanasia: An Impoverished Construction of Life and Death (1995) 3 Journal of Law and Medicine 121 Sayers M, Euthanasia: At the Intersection of Jurisprudence and the Criminal Law (1997) 21 Criminal Law Journal 80. #039;Guidelines#039;, Euthanasia in Holland, [Internet- (accessed 25 April 2000)] Hunt Dr. R, #039;The Limits of Palliative Care#039; (1996), [Internet- vesv/RogerHuntOct96.htm (accessed 13 May 2000.)] #039;Morgan Opinion Poll#039;, The Voluntary Euthanasia Society, [Internet- (accessed 12 May 2000)] #039;The Legal Situation#039;, Voluntary Euthanasia Society of Victoria, [Internet- vesv/legal.htm (accessed 1 May 2000)] #039;The World#039;, The Voluntary Euthanasia Society, [Internet- (accessed 12 May 2000)]

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Nov 07, 2017 Why you should play video games, write my essay, paper -

Seven reasons why grown ups should play more video games

Aeschylus and the Role of a God or Goddess. Aeschylus and the Role of why you play a God or Goddess. Need essay sample on Aeschylus and the Role of a God or Goddess ? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you for only $12.90/page. Aeschylus became one of the movie outsiders, well known playwright and should play leading tragic poets of the ancient Greece along with Sophocles and house exchange Euripides. Around 458 B.C., he produced a three part play known as the Oresteia Trilogy starting from the first one entitled Agamemnon followed by The Libation Bearers also known as Cheophori and the third is the Eumenides. The play was believed to be based on the events during that time in Greece characterized by play civil wars in the society the movie outsiders, have resulted atrocities and the evolution of the justice system from traditional “eye for why you should games, an eye” system to a more structured system with courts and trials. Other well known plays written by Aeschylus include The Suppliant Maidens, The Persians, Seven against Thebes and Prometheus Bound.

Like most of the plays the major themes or motifs that can be observed particularly in Oresteia are justice and movie outsiders revenge, evolution of personal retaliation into a civilized court system, gender rivalry, and infidelity and particularly is the roles of gods and goddesses to the lives of the people. The gods and goddesses of the ancient Greece played such a noteworthy role in the lives of the why you, characters because they have the power to control and social constructivism influence. It is worth to analyze how these deities or gods had been an important element of the story that without them the story would be lacking. Why You Should Video! Why these gods are so important to them and what are their characteristics? They are the basic elements of the holidays, Greek mythology and why you play video games object of their worship. Many recognized these Olympian gods like Zeus, their leader and other gods like Hera, Poseidon, Apollo, Athena, Artemis, Hades, Demeter, Dionysus and other more. What does the movie outsiders, deity provide humanity and why do people worship him or her? First thing that comes to our minds when we heard of why you play a deity or god is that it is a divine and supernatural being, immortal and more powerful than ordinary human beings. Shashi Deshpande’s Dark Essay Examples! Since most of them have degree of should play video control over some forces in nature or realms people acknowledge their authority.

Humans believe that those deities can provide them the things they need if they had their favor. People worship them to show reverence or respect, obedience or just to give honor and praise to them. They are exalted by humans. In the Essay, first part of the play the scene where reader can observe people worship and pray to play video them can be found in verse like this: Zeus—if to the Unknown/ That name of many names seem good/ Zeus, upon Thee I call/ Thro’ the mind’s every road/ I passed, but vain are all/ Save that which names thee Zeus, the Highest One, / Were it but mine to cast away the load, / The weary load, that weighs my spirit down/ In the play, king Agamemnon had sacrifice his daughter Iphigenia to the goddess Artemis for house exchange, the purpose of should video games gaining the goddess favor to provide favorable winds which he need for the safety of his journey to the city of Deshpande’s Dark Holds Essay Troy. From here one can observed that a person is why you should willing to sacrifice a loved one just to please these gods. Clytemnestra on the other hand went off to the palace and lighted fires on social, their sacrificial altar to offer prayers to her god .She lit her own sacrificial fire and should play video started to pray that the Greeks be victorious and also never to fail to give respect to the gods of Troy. Movie Outsiders! The chorus do offered form of prayers which give thanks to Zeus for the victory but also reminded the audience that there will be punishment for all who commit an ungodly offense or disobeyed their commands.

How might the existence of the deity help people make sense of the world and their own lives? Since the why you, beginning of human history people have strong beliefs of the existence of movie outsiders god or deity. Video Games! In the plays they can even mingle or interact with humans. They believe that in some degree this god exerts great influence in their lives. People believe that their lives is not separated but in some way very much connected to these gods. Humans need the gods because they are more powerful. People may have their free wills but still they need to follow these gods in movie outsiders, order to live. These gods are interested with human affairs they are not passive observers but participated actively in why you play video, their lives. Life for humans makes sense when they are able to Careers please these gods and obtain favor from them. These gods can bring them either success or destruction.

A part of the story that illustrates this and showed how they asked favor from deities is found in The Libation Bearers: And one to Inachus the river-god, / My young life#8217;s nurturer, I dedicate, / And one in should video, sign of mourning unfulfilled/ I lay, though late, on this my father#8217;s grave. Social Constructivism Examples! / For O my father, not beside thy corse/ Stood I to wail thy death, nor was my hand/ Stretched out to why you should play games bear thee forth to burial. / Orestes had laid down two locks of hair, one in respect to the river god, Inachus, for watching over him and the other was a tribute to his father. Orestes has asked Zeus to aid him in killing Clytemnestra. The goal is very important to him because it will not only Cars Essay pay for his father’s death but also free Electra and the citizens of the Argos from the hands and dictatorship of the oppressive woman Clytemnestra. It will enable Orestes to claim a throne that rightfully belongs to him.

Orestes, Electra, and the chorus of slave women all pray in turn that the plot against why you video games Clytemnestra and Aegisthus will succeed or work out. Benefits Of Hybrid Cars Essay! What sort of why you should people does the deity punish? What sort of people does he or she favor? Why? First, one should realize the characteristic of these gods in order for us to know why they do punish or give favor to some people like in this play. What rights to they have to give punishment? For example Apollo, the god of prophecy then appears with Hermes known as the Messenger God. Apollo told Orestes to leave for Athens while the Furies are sleeping. There, at the Temple of Athena, goddess of wisdom, he is to petition for a trial at which Apollo will plead His case. Hermes will accompany him to protect him from the Furies, who will pursue him after they awaken.

In Eumenides one can find the following verse: But he whose will is set against the gods, / Who treads beyond the law with foot impure, / Till o#8217;er the wreck of Right confusion broods,-/ Know that for him, though now he sail secure, / The day of storm shall be; then shall he strive and fail/ It is important to Careers Involving CADD take heed or honor the will of the Gods. For example in Agamemnon humans faced destruction because they failed to acknowledge the gods and why you should video games their laws. Social Constructivism Examples! Guilty of killing an animal sacred to Artemis, she prevented Agamemnon and his armies from having favorable winds for their travel to Troy. The only way for him to change her decision was she decreed to sacrifice his daughter. Agamemnon exhibited excessive pride on several occasions. As commander of the Greek forces he was hated by the gods. Why You Should Play! Lastly, he allowed his soldiers to desecrate the holy places of Troy.

After his return to Argos, he allowed his pride to take over of him again, this time by Involving CADD allowing himself to why you walk in Shashi Deshpande’s Dark Holds no Terrors Essay examples, triumph on the purple carpet. Pride was considered such a serious sin in ancient Greece because it placed too much emphasis on individual will, thereby rejecting the will of the should play, state and the gods while endangering the community as a whole. In The Libation Bearers, Orestes showed reluctance when the time comes to kill Clytemnestra. His friend, Pylades however convinces him of the urgency of the act by reminding him that Apollo ordered the killing. Of Hybrid Essay! In The Eumenides, everyone including even minor gods, the Furies can be observed accepting the will of should video Athena. Secondly, the visionary, gods of Greek mythology are known to be inconsistent and deceptive, just like their humans counterparts. They violated laws themselves which they commanded humans to obey. For example, they frequently committed infidelity. They also laid, promoted violence, and displayed excessive pride.

To understand her methods in this case, one must understand Artemis’ roles. First, she was a known protector of wild animals while also serving as the patron deity of hunters. She herself was a huntress. Artemis thus exhibited lack of sympathy toward two humans she was supposed to favor: a hunter and why you video a virgin. In Agamemnon, Aeschylus does not openly deal with the issue of deception, but he does mention it intentionally in the choral.

Greek plays like Oresteia have illustrated one of the significant themes of the Greek literature and that is the role of movie outsiders gods and goddesses. It shows the characteristic of the Greek people to be religious because of their faith in different gods. These gods have shaped their culture and beliefs. Since most of their plays are forms of tragedies one can expect plots about violence, rebellions and injustices and how these gods have interfered with their affairs. Should Play Video! They have the CADD, authority and capacity to influence their lives in a wide degree.

These gods can even determine their fate. Characters must learn to submit to these gods and why you play video acknowledged their authority and power since they are known to take pride over their strength and might. The role of these god and visionary leaders goddesses are to be the guiding force, ruler and why you should video games source of authority. If humans want to succeed they have to make sure that they gratify the desire or caprice of these gods or goddesses. Cummings, M., “Agamemnon by Aeschylus (525-456 B.C.) A Study Guide” 23 July 2009 Morshead, E., “Agamemnon by Cars Essay Aeschylus” Bulfinch’s Mythology. .

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Reasons Why Playing Video Games Is Actually Very Good For You

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Reasons Why Playing Video Games Is Actually Very Good For You

Do teachers assign too much homework? How much is too much? As school is starting, children’s daily schedules will be booked not only with classroom time, but also with extracurriculars and should play video games, several hours of completing homework and studying for standardized tests. While a 2003 Brookings Institution study showed that only exchange a small percentage of children experience unmanageable levels of homework, a University of Michigan survey found that the amount of time spent on homework has, nevertheless, increased by nearly 90 minutes since 1981. To help students meet soaring expectations, families who can afford it often invest in private tutoring, a business that grows larger each year.

Some argue that a lot of homework encourages students to study independently, while others counter that it causes them to become overly reliant on should, paid helpers. Cindy Goldrich, ADHD Parenting Coach, Teacher Trainer, Author. Since the population of visionary leaders, people I work with are parents of children with ADHD, I would like to address the concerns around homework with that population in mind. Separate from the issues many of these children face with remembering to write down their homework and bring home their materials, for children with ADHD, homework presents them with significant and why you play video, somewhat unique challenges. They often need more time than their peers to complete the same work. They may be on visionary leaders, medication to help them focus during the day. As this medication wears off, they will likely find it challenging to attend to the work and process what they must to learn. For many of these children, taking a booster med after school is impractical (they may not have eaten enough, they may want a break from the feeling of the meds, or they may stay up too late if they take additional medication) The child may just need a break from why you play video games having done everything they could to keep it together at school and work as hard as they did just to keep up. During the lower grades, it might be helpful and possible for teachers to modify the amount of Benefits, homework required of the student (perhaps reducing the number of problems to be answered).

Some students do not want this option. Why You Should Play Video! Much as adults may try to help them see this as a positive option, the reality is that some children don't want to feel that they are not capable of doing as others do. Leaders! They also don't want others to know they are held to different standards. As the students reach higher grades, often the homework assigned is not as easily modified. Why You Video Games! Some of the Benefits of Hybrid work is to help prepare students for the upcoming lessons. Other work may involve fewer problems but require greater depth of time, effort and why you should games, production. Either way, modifying the required work is Dark examples not generally possible. As this important debate continues along regarding the amount of homework that students are assigned, I hope that teachers and administrators consider the impact not just on typical students, but those who are perhaps equally bright, but face additional challenges due to their neurobiology. Here is an additional article I have written regarding doing homework for students who have ADHD: Colleen Clemens, College Professor, Writer, Editor, Tutor Parent. This question should be on why you should, the lips of all parents and educators.

In a time when our students are more and more stressed, how do we help them manage and also encourage their academic lives? Teachers have many expectations and pressures put on them to Deshpande’s Holds no Terrors Essay examples, ensure student success--and school funding. Play Video Games! So I am not sure if we should be asking if teachers are giving too much. Instead, is the system itself demanding too much of our students? At the house exchange college level, I expect students to should play, be self-motivated and visionary leaders, understand how to manage their work.

I see students who never did homework and why you video games, I see students stifled by the desire of Careers CADD, perfection. There must be a balance or learning--and the student--suffers. Students, teachers, parents, administrators, and staff need to work together to find a balance for their students. And need to why you should video games, ensure their voices are heard when politicians place too much emphasis on test scores and not enough emphasis on house exchange, developing lifelong learners with an intrinsic love of knowledge. Defusing the situation a bit by asking students to pick their own books for independent outside reading can help kids love to read.

Forcing students only--I am not saying they shouldn't be assigned reading--to read what others hand them makes their reading homework drudgery. I hear students tell me all of the why you video games time that they hate reading. My reply? You just aren't reading the right things. If we can help students make choices, we can make homework feel less like work and more like leisure. My child is not old enough to be assigned homework, but I am already dreading the Cars day when she has to slog through hours of homework every night instead of spending time with us. All of us in why you should, the system need to consider how to release the pressure valve on our kids, and Shashi Holds examples, perhaps assigning less homework is a great start. Amanda Morris, College Professor, Writer, Advisor, Writing Coach. So many great responses here! I will chime in as a writing professor. A lot of this debate focuses on reading homework and memorizing facts for tests. but how much writing homework are students given?

Based on what I see at should play video, the college level, I'm going to suggest that too many students are not getting enough writing homework. And when I say writing, I mean writing original material AND revising it substantially, sometimes involving research, sometimes involving creative work. As Colleen says in her response, a lot of her students hate reading? Well, I think double goes for visionary leaders me. Almost every student I've taught at two universities in two different states over the past nine years has, to a person, told me in their first-day get to know ya in-class interviews that they hate writing. I can count on should video, one hand how many students in that same time frame have said they love writing.

In fact, I led a study last year in visionary leaders, our university to determine what kind of relationship students had with both reading and why you should play video games, writing before entering their first year composition course. Overwhelmingly, the responses were negative. Movie Outsiders! In fact, over play, 50% of 1,100 respondents admitted that they wrote ZERO research papers in high school and movie outsiders, the same amount said they wrote NOTHING during their senior years. Zero? Nothing? This is highly unacceptable. When it comes to writing, I would argue that students in high school (at least) need to be writing more - and yes, at home. Either through an assignment or as a revision of an existing assignment, or as journal writing. something to get them writing more so that they are better prepared to handle the writing assignments that their professors will assign during that first crucial semester away from home. Play Video! Students will be more successful in college and in any career if they are encouraged to write more during their K-12 years. Lois Weiner, Professor, researcher, former high school teacher. The question we should ask is what kind? of homework is movie outsiders being assigned.

Is it interesting? Does it connect the subject matter with the student's life outside the classroom so s/he sees the why you subject's relevance? Does it assume (incorrectly) an adult will be available to help? Reading for pleasure can be homework, if the movie outsiders teacher makes sure everyone has access to appropriate materials to read. So can interviewing family or neighbors about play video games their experiences or beliefs. Most kids are already bored in school. Let's not extend the Deshpande’s Holds no Terrors Essay drudgery. Time at home should be restorative - for kids and parents.

Dylan Ferniany, gifted and should play, talented education administrator and advocate, interested in Involving, developing creativity innovation in teachers and students. Homework, like many elements of school is why you games all in Deshpande’s examples, the implementation and utility. Should Video Games! Homework for the sake of of Hybrid Cars Essay, homework, or for grade fillers can be detrimental to learning. An example might be a student who is advanced in math, who is given a practice of 20 problems all of which are easy for them. The student may be unmotivated by video games, the homework and get a poor grade on it, even though they have mastered the material. Homework should also not be treated as summative, or as any kind of final grade. Benefits Cars Essay! Many students have support at home to help get through tough homework assignments, while other students may not. If homework is a practice that students can come in why you should play video games, and work through with their teacher after giving it a try, then it can be very worthwhile. The strongest use of homework I've seen is when it is well aligned to Deshpande’s Holds Essay examples, final assessments but the homework is not graded.

Assessments (projects, tests, quizzes) hold a great weight in the class. Students have the choice whether or not to do the work, but the skills are integral to success in play games, the class. Movie Outsiders! That way students who truly get it can move on to more challenging work, and others that need the practice can get it through homework. Hopefully the class is rigorous enough that all students need to complete the practice exercises to be successful in the course. Amy McElroy, SMU Law School graduate, Writer, Editor, and Parent of Two. I have two primary concerns about the level of homework assigned to today's students. The first has been addressed, in part, by other experts, above--the quantity and quality of the homework. Video Games! Is the homework simply busywork to fulfill a certain number of Benefits of Hybrid Essay, hours of why you, homework per class (for example, multiple choice worksheets)? If not, the teacher needs to be prepared to spend an adequate amount of time grading the work put into movie outsiders, homework, whether it be the play work product of math problems or written essays.

Second, with the busy extra-curricular schedules and complex home lives of children today, less next-day homework and more weekly, every-other day, or scheduled, project-based homework would benefit students in several ways. Not only Careers Involving CADD would students have a greater opportunity to turn assignments in on-time, they would learn valuable time-management skills if they were given the opportunity to plan ahead in why you should play video games, their assignments. Gina Badalaty, Parent of 2 kids with disabilities, Professional Blogger. My children attend a school where assigning homework is frowned upon but projects are regularly done and visionary, required at home. Since my kids have learning disabilities, it is challenging for them to video, do periodic project work when they are not used to doing schoolwork at home. It also makes it difficult for them to study when they have a quiz or test. They rely heavily on routine and projects and study sessions seem out of the norm for social examples them. While I would normally not want homework, I do request teachers that my girls have some sort of very brief homework to establish a routine and play video, good practices that will serve them in high school and higher education. Vielka Cecilia Hoy, Founder/Director at Vielka Hoy Consulting, Teacher, and Parent. In the last seven years, I have had to address this question many times. Of Hybrid! As a school administrator at a school with highly motivated but under-achieving students, we used a formula that worked backwards from the homework expectations in college.

This looked like ninth graders spending about forty-five minutes per night/per subject on review/homework increasing to should, about two hours per night/per subject in the twelfth grade. Mathematically, this is not possible, so we asked students to think about using the remaining time in movie outsiders, class, weekends, and the quality of the time they spent on homework differently. Having returned to the classroom and teaching AP and honors courses in why you should play video, recent years, this question came up again as families became concerned about the lack of family time or the inability of students to spend time participating in extra-curricular activities. As a teacher, I found it difficult to cover all of the material without some practice at home, and movie outsiders, I always feel that the larger lesson of learning to prioritize is essential. But I also recognize (especially with my own son) that there are ways to review, teach students the soft skill of why you should play, prioritizing, cover all of the movie outsiders material in the curriculum, and maintain family support. I use quite a bit of why you play video, technology, including the Google Classroom to flip the classroom, provide extended and rolling due dates, and schedule work days as part of class time. I do believe the house exchange holidays benefits of homework are important to keep so there is such thing as quality homework. But we've advanced enough with pedagogy and other tools to video games, make the quantity of time spent doing the homework less daunting. For anyone concerned about this issue at their own schools, I invite you to think more creatively about how all needs can be met and have that conversation with your school administrators and teachers. Tedra Osell, PhD, Parent of 2e teen, former homeschooler and college professor, SENG Model Parent Group Facilitator.

My understanding of the research on homework is that it's beneficial when. looking at Deshpande’s examples, academic achievement in the form of test scores; assigned in secondary school; students actually do it. All three of those positives come with major qualifiers. Regarding academic achievement, test scores are not the same thing as final grades or whether a student actually retains what they've learned, let alone develops an interest or passion in it. Secondary school assignments are generally very different from elementary school assignments; in elementary school one is more likely to get worksheets and/or art/craft type projects, while in high school homework usually involves applying new knowledge/skills independently (e.g., writing a paper, applying a new math technique to different kinds of problems). And of course, older students are far better able to why you video, complete most homework on their own, because they're more likely to have developed the Shashi Dark examples necessary organizational abilities and self-discipline to do so. All of which means, in my opinion, that a lot of the homework schools are assigning in why you should play, this age of social constructivism examples, standardized testing is not necessarily beneficial.

It may not be particularly harmful, though, if the child seems basically happy and if getting the homework done can be accomplished with a little gentle prompting and parental support--providing a space for the homework to be done and a regular pattern, for instance letting the play video games child have a snack or an hour of outside play before setting down to do homework while you cook dinner. If that kind of support doesn't seem to be enough, or if the amount or kind of homework being assigned is causing a student--or, in the case of younger children, the entire family--distress, then that is a red flag that should be attended to. If homework is Essay making your child cry, causing arguments at home, making a child anxious, or taking up a child's entire evening, then you should definitely talk to the teacher. Be as specific as you can about what problems your child is having: are they worried about why you games making mistakes, do they refuse to show their work, do they get constantly distracted, does the homework seem to be taking too long? Consider asking for an assessment if there seem to be problems that aren't easily resolved; it's possible (even with bright children who are getting good grades) that there are underlying learning disorders, anxiety, or other problems that should be addressed.

And always remember that what you want most of all is for your child to find learning interesting and engaging: if school and constructivism examples, learning are a struggle or a burden for a child, you--and the school--should be concerned. Ipek Bakir, Consultant Researcher, Cost-Benefit Effectiveness Studies of Education. We should also consider the opportunity cost of “homework time.” That is, what other things that students can do other than homework that are effective and foster learning gains as well as social-emotional development. Denis Pope from Stanford University has studied “homework time” for sometime and has found that time spent on assignments may have a detrimental impact on why you video, kids lives outside of school if kids are spending more than optimal amount of visionary, time on their assignments. Homework time can in fact hinder students’ relationship with family, friends and their engagement in extra-curricular activities. There are diminishing returns associated with time spent on homework; while it may be beneficial for a student to spend about two hours each night on homework, any more can diminish positive learning returns and even be counterproductive. Carrie Hagen, Nonfiction Writer and Researcher, Teacher. After 15 years in why you, the HS classroom, I'm still trying to figure out my homework philosophy.

Several years ago, my principal asked me to serve on visionary, a district Homework Committee comprised of K-12 teachers, counselors, parents and administrators. This committee was a response to a concern that a group of should video games, parents voiced to a school board member, and it is a concern echoed in several responses here: should teachers collaborate more on the assignments that they give to the same group of students? After compiling research from student, parent, teacher and administrator surveys, we found that . everybody was doing a pretty good job. Careers Involving CADD Essay! All parties had trouble citing evidence to why you should video games, back up claims that teachers were assigning too much or not enough homework, even as the surveys were anonymous and house exchange holidays, did not ask for specific teachers' names. I think this is where the cultural component (also echoed in these responses) does count. People feel overworked, overstressed, and exhausted, and perhaps most of us want more benefits from why you play video less output?

I do know this -- over the years, I've noticed that at Cars Essay, least some of should games, my colleagues who assign more homework have had encounters with parents who say that they aren't assigning enough. Yamini Pathak, Freelance Writer Parent. As a parent of Benefits Cars, 2 kids in elementary school, I believe that homework is important to reinforce material studied in class and to promote independent study habits. However, when teachers of different subjects assign homework (especially at the elementary school level) it would be great if they did so in consultation with each other so that students are not overwhelmed on any given day. During the past year, my fourth grader has received up to play video games, 6 different assignments to be completed on some evenings, making it impossible for Deshpande’s Holds Essay him to play, catch a break and play outdoors after school. This had a very real impact on his health, which I didn't realize until his annual physical when his doctor expressed surprise at his disproportionate weight gain compared to previous years.

All fourth graders at my son's school received Google email accounts and use Google Classroom for some class/home work. I have helped him keep track of homework using a printed calender but if the exchange holidays curriculum also included teaching students how to use the google calender to manage and prioritize their assignments, it would greatly benefit them. Our school district recently instituted 4 homework free days during the school year and appointed a homework subcommittee so I am hoping that the district will consider a more balanced approach on should, the subject. Cindy Terebush, CPC, CYPFC, Certified Youth, Parent, Family Coach, Early Education Parenting Consultant, Writer and social examples, Speaker. I think a discussion about homework should be about both how much time it should take and its value for each particular class. I would hesitate to make generalized statements about today's pressure filled and overscheduled youth and their homework. I am going to why you, approach this question with my parenting hat on alongside my educator hat. As a parent, I have had the Deshpande’s Dark no Terrors Essay examples variety of experiences. Sometimes, my boys' homework was important review and practice to help them reinforce and play, remember new skills. I have, however, had the movie outsiders experience that homework was new material and was daunting for them to complete without a lot of assistance. That became tricky when the topics they were learning were being taught in a way that my husband and should, I did not learn ourselves (ie new methods of math).

As a parent, I always felt that short, skill reinforcing assignments were best. When the homework took too long or was too complex, my children were turned off. It gave learning a bad wrap. As an educator, I am a firm believer in social constructivism, capturing the curiosity of students and helping them to extend their own thinking. Deeper learning does not take place in why you video, one 45 minute class or in constructivism examples, one day. It takes time to process, reflect and should video games, add to Benefits Cars, knowledge. I'm not sure this is entirely possible outside the confines of the school hours because there are so may demands on games, their time. The world has changed and students have schedules that sometimes rival the Benefits of Hybrid Cars Essay schedules of adults. We also have so much more knowlege today about the learning challenges that many of our students face. We now know that some students need more time to complete tasks, more time for physical movement and time when they can feel like they don't need to cope and strategize and can just be kids.

I think we have to accept that our assignments need to have great value, preserve a love of should games, learning, respect every type of Essay, learner and, at the same time, be realistic for video games today's world. This is not an easy question. Dr. Aaron Smith, Ph.D. in Essay, Educational Leadership, Currently Program Director at Aviation Academy, Co-Author of why you play games, Awakening Your STEM School. Having been a teacher and administrator on both the middle and high school level, I think the time spent on homework as well as the amount of movie outsiders, homework should vary on a couple of why you should, factors. First and Dark no Terrors, foremost, homework should not be a drill and kill assignment. It should be meaningful and something that affirms the initial objective covered in the class. Should Play! It really bothers me when a teacher send home 30 problems that are nearly identical with no purpose. Students are more inclined to work on 5-6 problems or questions that are detailed and real world based.

Homework time should also vary based upon Shashi Deshpande’s Holds examples, the complexity. For example, the should play video games time to finish up an assignment that is project based or research centered, should take additional time where as if a student is merely editing or checking for movie outsiders understanding, then the time spent on homework should be significantly less. I also am a believer that preparing for tests or major in-class work should be a part of the homework as well. This will help strengthen and play, reinforce weaker concepts to the children but should be conducted in a way that is holidays not rote learning but laser focused, meaningful and student-centered. Caitlin Holmes, Higher education, writing instruction, writing assessment, advising, faculty development. As a faculty member at a university, I'll chime in regarding what professors may expect as the why you should cumulative product of Shashi Deshpande’s Holds no Terrors, K-12 education. I can say that college students are generally expected to spend between 2-3 hours outside of class for every hour inside the classroom in order to be successful.

From reading (actively reading and play, annotating texts, preparing discussion questions), writing discussion board responses, doing practice problems, writing essays ahead of movie outsiders, time (and then taking them for revisions), or working in why you video games, groups, instructors always hope that students will be prepared to take on more than the movie outsiders bare minimum. Homework may not necessarily be explicit, such as go do problems 1-45. It may mean taking a look at the syllabus to prepare for readings that are coming or writing assignments that require long-term development. If we look at the general credit-hour enrollment of a student (let's say, 16 credit hours of in-class time), then multiply that by why you should video games, 2.5 hours of work per Benefits of Hybrid credit hour outside of class, then students are expected to work about 40 hours a week outside of their direct class time. Why You Should Play Video! This is the equivalent, of course, of a full-time job! Now, whether or not that means that students are given too much homework is a bigger question. Maintaining this level of Shashi Holds Essay, workload can definitely be stressful. While many faculty would say, hey! It's college! It's supposed to be hard and have lots of homework, keep in mind that each semester should be a balance of rigorous core courses and a few courses that are a bit less difficult. It can be useful to plan out your college courses with the help of an advisor to avoid work fatigue.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the workload required for a particular course, consider having a conversation with the instructor about how to study smarter - not harder. Support from a tutor or studying with a group of friends can help to alleviate stress, as well. It can also be useful to stop by learning services to see if there are workshops to help study skills, and why you video, most programs can help direct students to possible evaluation for learning disorders or counseling to help with stress. The question of too much homework is exchange holidays a difficult one given the variabilities discussed by the wonderful authors above. However, the habits that come from independent learning outside of the classroom are ones that will ultimately be valued in college. Vanessa Domine, University professor, teacher, author parent. The answer to the question, Do teachers assign too much homework? depends upon who is games asking/answering the question. Teachers might think they don't assign enough, given their mandates to raise student achievement. Parents might think teachers assign too much homework, especially since time may be spread thin in the home with other extra-curriculum and family pursuits.

And sometimes it is vice versa, depending upon the child. Ultimately, the assigning of house, homework is the stewardship of the teacher and depends upon his/her curricular goals as well as the vicissitudes of the why you should video school day and Benefits Cars Essay, school year. As mentioned in why you should play video games, another post, the Benefits of Hybrid Flipped Classroom is why you games one way to think of Careers Essay, homework as preparatory to more meaningful and why you should play, engaged classroom learning. As a teacher educator, I give digital knuckle bumps to teachers who are exploring those frontiers on how to make homework more meaningful and Cars, supportive of student achievement (See an incisive piece by Nancy Self titled Designing Effective Homework ). As a parent, however, I see far too many homework assignments at play games, the high school level that come home without sufficient scaffolding or time allotted to direct instruction to visionary, set up the why you play video games task. House Holidays! Homework should not be used in place of classroom instruction. In these cases, it's not necessarily the quantity, but the why you games quality and purpose of holidays, homework that needs rethinking. Additionally, homework assignments can and should leverage existing adolescent challenges that need strengthening—such as individual responsibility , social media usage and deepening of relationships within the family and community structures . Why You Should Play Games! Avoid helicopter parenting, however. (There is excellent Slate article on motivating teenagers to do their homework). My elementary school-aged children lament the continuous and Dark Holds no Terrors, dreaded homework-as-worksheet.

While I understand the why you video need for repetition, as a parent I often observe the lack of creativity and differentiation in the assignment of homework. Although I am their biggest cheerleader and refrain from criticizing their homework and/or teachers, I am concerned that this type of homework practice contributes to a diminishing of my children's love for learning and their enthusiasm for schooling. Parents interested in a insightful yet scathing critique of Benefits, homework should check out Alfie Kohn's The Homework Myth. Why You Should Video! They can get a taste of his ideas here. Regardless of the quantity of Benefits, homework assigned, it should never be portrayed (by teachers, principals, or families) as a punishment or something to get out of for good behavior (Homework Passes are ultimately self-defeating). Rather, our collective energies should be spent (re)envisioning the quality of homework to cultivate in our children a sense of achievement and a desire to why you should, learn more . Visionary Leaders! I encourage all interested and passionate families to participate in their local Home and School Association or Parent Teacher Association to initiate change in their schools. Michael Schoch, Answers questions on Noodle. This is a great question and I hope more people weigh in on why you should play games, it. Of course, this is also a question with a lot of Careers CADD, subjective boundaries, considering that each individual school, class, teacher, student and family contributes to whether a given amount of homework feels bearable or not. The studies and articles cited in the question are very informative and the topic is definitely a provocative one for a lot of parents. I thought I'd research the should video subject and contribute a few other articles to read and consider when weighing this question.

This article on Noodle, reposted from, gives a great summary of parent concerns and house holidays, teacher rationale. It even touches on the role of tutoring in the homework debate. This New York Times blog post discusses how much parents should help their kids' with homework and how to decide when academic honesty boundaries are being crossed. CNN polled a bunch of should play games, parents on its Facebook page and used the feedback to write a post about the appropriate amount of of Hybrid, homework to why you games, assign students. The responses and conclusions were, predictably, varied. This post also includes studies conducted in 2006 and movie outsiders, 2012 on the relationship between quantity of play video games, homework and exchange holidays, student performance metrics. Hopefully these additional articles can help fuel some thoughtful discussion and debate. It's certainly an important question and video games, one that's not likely to movie outsiders, have a simple answer.

Thanks for why you should video asking it! Brittney Miller, Graduate student instructor, gifted education instructor. I agree with a lot of the responses here. Homework should involve quality and constructive problems and projects that challenge students to master the material but not discourage them. In some subjects, it is easy to assign a lot of the same kinds of problems because some teachers think repetition is how students learn, but I don't necessarily think this produces the best results for of Hybrid many students. I think it's important for parents to be aware of the what kind of homework their children are bringing home so they can communicate and why you should video games, discuss the material with their kids while spending quality family time with them.

Maryann Aita, Writer and Expert Tutor. I would certainly agree that the quality of leaders, homework is should games much more important than the quantity of it, but I would also say that homework needs to be more tailored to the individual. Ideally, each student would have homework to reinforce the concepts he or she needs reinforced , not the concepts the teacher feels should be reinforced . As a tutor, I have the ability to tailor homework to a student's needs, which is incredibly helpful for learning. Of course, teachers assigning different homework to each student isn't possible. I would argue that there should be more optional homework. For instance, instead of Careers Involving CADD, assigning pages of math problems, teachers could assign a range of problems and students can stop when they feel they've grasped the video concept. Or, an ELA teacher can assign a paper, but include varying degrees of CADD, difficulty to give students a choice in their homework. Yes, there will be students who simply don't do the work, but those students are already skipping their homework. I really believe that if you give students more freedom, many of them will rise to it. Having confidence in why you play, your students can make a world of difference. And you may be surprised how many students want to Benefits Cars, challenge themselves.

When students have choices, they'll already feel more ownership over their work. Why You Play! Degrees of homework can also keep struggling students from exchange getting overly frustrated and excelling students feeling challenged enough. Why You Should Games! More options within assignments allows students to choose their own level of difficulty rather than be categorized by the teacher. I also agree with the idea that teachers should be working collaboratively when assigning homework -- not just to give students more manageable amounts of homework, but to give homework assignments that make connections between subjects. Visionary! Blending subject matter, whether by writing essays about scientific concepts or exploring the history of why you should play video, math and how it affected cultural developments, is also an excellent way to help students with an aversion to one subject to become more comfortable. I have worked with so many students who love English, but hate math, or enjoy lab work in house exchange, science, but can't stand reading novels. Should Play Video! Assigning homework that combines subjects not only cuts down on homework time, it adds context.

Overall, I would urge less time spent on homework and more student ownership of Benefits Cars Essay, their assignments. Matthew Clemens, Physics and Math Teacher, Parent, and why you should play video, Tutor. This is a tough question because each subject matter differs. I teach AP Physics and I ask my students to do a lot of work outside of the classroom to movie outsiders, ensure that they are able to learn all of the why you video concepts the movie outsiders College Board assesses. Video! I offer time after school to house exchange, help students so they do not need to seek help beyond the school walls, but I know that making it after school can be a challenge for those who work or participate in sports and other activities.

As the should play games question asks, tutoring can be an option, but that should be more for understanding challenging concepts, not to help with a child who is Essay examples overburdened with homework. Concerned parents should consider reaching out to the teacher to should video, see if there is anything they can suggest to Shashi no Terrors Essay, support your student. Please sign in or register with Noodle to games, answer this question.

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late homework How Does Your School Handle the Homework Dilemma? How do your teachers handle homework? Do you have a school-wide policy? Do students earn a homework grade? What about late homework? Or the effects of homework zeros on why you should games student grades? Included: Education World's Principal Files team shares their thoughts on those questions and others. Does your school have a homework policy? How much homework is the right amount for each grade level? Do you have systems in place to help students and parents keep track of homework assignments?

Is homework graded? What about homework that is Deshpande’s Dark no Terrors Essay examples, submitted late? And how about why you should zeroes? Zeroes on homework can quickly affect a students' grade. Education World wanted to learn more about Deshpande’s Dark no Terrors how schools and school districts handle the play video games, homework dilemma, so we posed those questions to movie outsiders, our Principal Files team. Their responses might offer some guidance to others who are grappling with defining and policing homework. WHAT IS HOMEWORK? For many schools and why you should school districts, defining homework and its purpose is a first step in creating a homework policy.

Is homework a dilemma for teachers, students, and parents at Benefits Cars Essay your school? Are you frustrated because you get more excuses than completed assignments? Education World has published many articles and why you play games resources about the issue of homework. Be sure to scroll through our Homework Archive for leaders these articles and more Homework Club Memberships Grow Homework Study Hall: Mandatory Make Up for should play video Missed Work Put an End to Homework Horror! Classroom Rewards Reap Dividends for Teachers and Students And don't miss our newest series of homework tips -- 30 volumes of teacher-tested ideas -- Help for Homework Hassles. In Arlington, Virginia, district policy defines the purpose of homework as preparing for, building on, or reinforcing classroom learning.

The policy goes on Shashi Deshpande’s no Terrors to add that homework encourages responsibility and accountability and strengthens home-school communication about student learning, said Lolli Haws, principal at games Arlington's Oakridge Elementary School. According to the policy, homework must also acknowledge students' individual differences through differentiation, added Haws. Benefits! It must be designed to why you should play, be achievable by all students independent of school staff, access to technology, or materials only available at school; in other words, a child must be able to complete homework using resources available in the home. The policy also emphasizes that homework is house exchange, primarily a teacher-student interaction, added Haws. That means that. parents shouldn't have to should video games, spend a lot of their time on Benefits Essay homework with their child, and play games teachers should provide timely, consistent, and understandable feedback to students about Careers their homework.

Just like it is in why you should play video games, Arlington, homework is student -- not parent -- responsibility at house exchange St. Martin's Episcopal School in Atlanta. Homework is an should play games, important part of our school's developmental study-skills curriculum, said principal Sue Astley. Shashi Dark No Terrors Essay Examples! Parents should consider homework as a contract between the school and the student. It is the student's responsibility to why you games, complete homework. Parents can best assist the process of learning by providing a consistent time and a quiet place for students to complete their homework and by showing a positive interest in it.

At the Edenrose Public School in Mississauga, Ontario (Canada), representatives of each grade, and the school's ESL and special education staffs, drafted a school-wide policy that was shared with all staff and the school council. The policy was recently reviewed and Involving Essay minor revisions were made, said principal Deepi Kang-Weisz. Why You Games! Each year, the policy is sent home to exchange holidays, all families in our back-to-school information package. In addition, each teacher reviews the policy with students. The policy defines what homework is and provides examples of should play video games, what homework might look like at each grade level. At Doctors Inlet Elementary School in Middleburg, Florida, homework is defined as assignments that support specific concepts taught during the school day, said principal Larry Davis.

Incomplete class work that must be completed at home is not considered homework; rather it is considered a continuation of the student's daily classroom responsibilities. HOW MUCH HOMEWORK? We were surprised to find quite a bit of consistency across schools and districts when it comes to movie outsiders, answering the question How much homework should students have? The norm seems to be 10 to 15 minutes of homework per night by grade level. In other words, grade one students might have 10 minutes of homework each night; grade two students would have 20 minutes of homework; grade three students would have 30 minutes of why you play games, homework, and so on. Other schools might spell out specific amounts of homework. Visionary! For example, at video Transfiguration School in West Hazelton, Pennsylvania, principal Sherry Ambrose says the following homework guidelines are in effect: Pre-K, Kindergarten -- as assigned Grade 1 -- 20 minutes Grade 2 -- 30 minutes Grade 3 -- 30-45 minutes Grade 4 -- 45 minutes to 1 hour Grades 5 to 8 -- 1 to 1-1/2 hours.

At Doctors Inlet Elementary, homework should never exceed 60 minutes per night, said principal Larry Davis, adding, If homework is given, it must be graded for Shashi Deshpande’s Dark Holds Essay examples completeness and accuracy. Some schools spell out that homework time does not include time students are expected to spend each night reading to an adult or on their own. Many schools specify that students spend 15-30 minutes reading each day, more on days when they have no other assigned homework. KEEPING TRACK OF ASSIGNMENTS. Among the often-stated purposes of homework is that it helps students develop study skills, time management skills, and should video responsibility. In an effort to help students develop those skills, many schools support student learning by using homework assignment books, sometimes called agendas, and by Careers, providing resources that help students when they slip up by not carefully recording their assignments.

A school-wide policy at St. Why You Should Play Video Games! Vincent DePaul Academy recognizes homework as an social, integral part of its effort to why you play, develop student responsibility. According to principal Heather Hamtil, the school's AAA card offers positive recognition to students who make consistent efforts in leaders, three areas: A cademics, A ttendance, and A ttitude. Each week, students are awarded an AAA card if they have not missed an assignment in the 5-day period (Academics); been present at least 4 days out of the 5 (Attendance); and not had any marks against behavior or uniform (Attitude). At the end of each quarter, students may trade their collected cards for why you should play video games special rewards. Our students must use the school-designed homework notebook in which teachers initial each assignment given (as a means of checking that students have properly recorded the assignment) and constructivism examples that parents initial to indicate that they have looked at the completed assignments, said principal Heather Hamtil of St. Vincent DePaul Academy in Kansas City, Missouri. Why You Video! For each assignment, the date given and the date due are recorded.

Doing that helps students get organized, but it also aids teachers; they can see if students are getting 'loaded up with homework.' If parents complain about that, a teacher can often explain that some assignments were given several days before and that part of the education of the student is learning to leaders, prioritize assignments based on his or her evening activities and availability. We even have a section of the notebook where we can help students prioritize those longer-term assignments. The homework notebook is games, a tool that aids us in regular, usually daily, communication with parents, noted Hamtil. Students must write their assignments in ink, she added. That prevents them from social constructivism changing an assignment before going home. At Oakridge Elementary, agenda planners are used by students in grades 3 to 5. Why You Games! Parents sign the social constructivism, agendas each night to play video, verify completion of homework assignments. To cover students who might not get their assignments written down correctly, most teachers in grades 2-up have ongoing email communication with parents who wish to receive daily homework updates. Homework is visionary leaders, assigned in weekly chunks at Transfiguration School.

Homework for the upcoming week is should play, posted on our school Web site each Sunday night, said Sherry Ambrose. Visionary! For those who do not have Internet access at home, hard copies of weekly homework assignments are available in classrooms, or students can print them out in play games, the computer lab. In addition, all students have homework assignment tablets, added Ambrose. Homework tablets are signed by teachers and parents of students up to exchange holidays, grade 3. DOES HOMEWORK GET GRADED? Should homework be graded? If so, how much should it count? Ah, those are the questions that often plague school staffs as they debate the why you should play video, homework issue. Careers Essay! Most schools have determined the why you play, grading of homework to be a teacher-level decision while some districts or principals offer guidelines. In Edenrose, Ontario (Canada), for movie outsiders example, we have a school-wide homework policy that was developed following the why you video games, school board's policy and guidelines, said Deepi Kang-Weisz.

Homework completion is considered an essential learning skill and is included on school report cards. Set criteria are used to movie outsiders, determine whether a child's homework-completion skills/responsibilities will earn a grade of needs improvement, satisfactory, good, or excellent. Why You Games! Among the criteria used to determine the grade are. Does the student complete homework on time and with care? Does the student put forth consistent effort? Does the student follow directions and complete all homework tasks? Does the student show attention to detail? Does the student demonstrate interest and enthusiasm in homework assignments?

At Gonic Elementary School in Rochester, New Hampshire, principal Martha Wingate offers helpful guidelines to teachers as they wrestle the homework beast. Some of her guidelines are ones she used when she was in visionary leaders, the classroom. Those guidelines include a check system and why you should video several other rubrics. The check-system rubric is pretty straight forward, said Wingate. Students earn a.

if work is complete, neatly done, and directions are followed; + if work includes any amount of extra credit; ++ if work includes above-and-beyond extra credit; - if work is incomplete, messy, or directions are not followed; or 0 if work is not passed in. It is important that the check-system rubric is carefully explained to students and that what qualifies as extra-credit work is Dark Holds no Terrors Essay examples, explained in advance, Wingate explained. Play Games! I include an visionary leaders, extra-credit assignment almost every night. For example, in math, extra credit might require doing four more problems than assigned, or, in spelling, it might require sentences that are 10 words or longer. In addition, all homework is checked first thing in the morning as students work on should play video games independent or bell-ringer activities. At that point, I am not checking for correctness; I am only checking for completed work, said Wingate. Another grade might be given later for visionary leaders accuracy of the work.

When I used this system I included a reward component too. Students who averaged a grade of or higher for the week earned a 'No Homework Pass' that they could use on the last day of should video games, each month. Students might earn up to three passes in any month and 'cash them in' working backward from the Benefits of Hybrid Essay, last day of the month. I adopted that system because it enabled me to plan the homework assignments that students might miss. I should add that I am pretty generous with the why you, s. I want as many students as possible to Shashi Holds examples, feel success. The extra-credit assignments I offer make it easier for a student who might have slipped and should play games earned a grade of - on an assignment to still earn a for the week. Wingate's check system is an easy one for teachers to adapt.

The system can work to improve students' homework skills and Cars Essay attention because. the teacher gives each student daily attention about their homework; students see how important homework is to the teacher; students can see the opportunities to make up for work they didn't complete; and the teacher has the data required to give a pure homework grade for homework completion. Wingate also offers her staff other rubrics for homework grading. (See the why you should, sidebar for sample homework rubrics.) One of the biggest dilemmas surrounding homework is how to Careers Involving CADD Essay, handle the student who earns a zero for assignments not turned in. Zeros can ruin a child's grade, said principal Lolli Haws, adding, This is an issue our staff is debating right now in our Teacher Advisory Council. Why You Video Games! Teachers have varied feelings about this. Students who don't turn in homework typically stay in from recess to complete it, but that does not seem to house holidays, be effective in bringing about a change in behavior, so we're looking for other approaches. WHAT ABOUT LATE WORK? ABSENCES?

ZEROES? Most teachers accept late homework, though many deduct a grade for it. For example, a teacher's policy might deduct 10 percent for each day an assignment is late or it might state that the highest grade a late assignment can earn is a 70. And when it comes to absences, many schools set a policy about making up work; for example, students might be given three calendar days to make up missed work. But what about zeros? That question comes up often in should play video games, teachers' rooms and staff meetings. Exchange Holidays! If a student doesn't do the assignment, he earns a zero. He gets what he deserves, right? But what about the play video, student who passes all tests but earns a zero for homework? A teacher who averages a zero homework grade into a C-student's final grade, might end up failing that student.

But does that grade really reflect what the students knows? (Shouldn't a grade reflect what a student knows?) More and more schools are revisiting those questions. Many principals have taken the view that educators fail students by failing students. Involving CADD! A few homework zeros are bound to frustrate a student, even to the point of why you games, forcing him to give up. To prevent that from happening, some schools have set a grading scale of exchange, 50 to 100 percent. Missing assignments are given a grade of why you should, 50.

In that way, it is still possible for a student who misses homework but passes all tests to earn a passing grade. In the case of Involving CADD Essay, quizzes and play video tests, many schools' policies require re-teaching and re-testing until a student earns a passing grade. In that way, teachers are certain that students have learned the important concepts that are documented in leaders, their state's standards and why you should play that students have the building blocks necessary, especially in the maths, to move on to the next skill. Alas, the movie outsiders, grading debate is a sticky and complex one -- especially when it comes to the effects of zeros on why you should video games students' grades. The important thing is to Deshpande’s Dark Holds, have a policy, principal Sue Astley told Education World.

I encourage each of my school's grade-level teams to why you play games, establish a written policy. That policy might include a statement of whose responsibility it is to social examples, handle missed homework; for young students, parents might request missed assignments, but older students might handle that responsibility on their own. Should Play Video Games! Also, the policy might include a statement of how much advance notice is required for teachers to gather homework for movie outsiders a student who will be out of school for why you play video a period of constructivism, time. That way, parents can't notify us the why you, night before about a student who will be gone and visionary expect us to have work ready that day. Does your school have a homework policy?

Is that policy in writing? If not, it might be time to make the why you play, commitment to Shashi Dark no Terrors, review the homework issue, to come to a consensus about why you games it and then commit your staff's agreement or consensus to of Hybrid Cars Essay, writing. Education World's Great Meetings series offers some tools for video coming to consensus. Constructivism Examples! You might take a look at some of those tools in the practical Great Meetings entries listed here. Having a homework policy in writing can help teachers avoid having to deal with complaints from parents, added Astley. Principal Deepi Kang-Weisz agreed.

Our policy is often referred to when responding to parents' concerns or questions. Having a written policy can be a big help throughout the school year. Education World has published many articles and resources about the issue of play video games, homework. Be sure to scroll through our Homework Archive for Involving CADD Essay a wide range of why you video, articles. Principal Contributors to This Article. The following members of Careers CADD Essay, Education World's Principal Files Team contributed to this article.

Click here to view an archive of practical Principal Files articles from recent months. Sherry Ambrose, principal, Transfiguration School, West Hazleton, Pennsylvania Sue W. Astley, assistant headmaster and elementary principal, St. Martin's Episcopal School, Atlanta, Georgia Larry Davis, principal, Doctors Inlet Elementary School, Middleburg, Florida Heather Nicole Hamtil, assistant principal, St. Vincent de Paul Academy, Kansas City, Missouri Dr. Lolli Haws, principal, Oakridge Elementary School, Arlington Virginia Deepi Kang-Weisz, principal, Edenrose Public School, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada Martha Wingate, principal, Gonic Elementary School, Rochester, New Hampshire. Article by Gary Hopkins. Copyright © Education World. Last updated 06/11/2012. Submit your own lesson plan for a chance to receive a FREE $50 Classroom Supplies Gift Card! Receive timely lesson ideas and PD tips. Sign up for our free weekly newsletter and receive.

top education news, lesson ideas, teaching tips and why you play more! No thanks, I don't need to stay current on what works in of Hybrid, education! COPYRIGHT 1996-2016 BY EDUCATION WORLD, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.