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Artists: Know the Difference Between a Resume and a C.V. Artists, like everyone else, sometimes need to explain who they are and what they can do. Artists, however, have careers on two tracks: The first track, for most, is some job that puts food in their stomachs, clothes on destruction of environment their back, a roof over their heads and pays for health insurance; the second track is developing a presence in Old Man Enormous Wings Essay the art world, through exhibitions, commissions and other activities that reflect their artistic achievements. Destruction. It is ideal when the two tracks come together -- the art sells, providing a full livelihood -- and about The Transportation, that is the goal, but that may not happen soon or even ever. For that reason, artists generally need to document themselves in two ways. The first is through a resume, and the second is through a C.V. Destruction Of Environment. (curriculum vitae). The two documents may overlap here and there but tend to be quite separate, and here's the reason: why would a dealer want to Enormous Wings know that the artist worked as a waitress? How useful is it to describe all one's one-person shows to destruction of environment the personnel director at a corporation? Artists should know what a resume looks like and contains, what a curiculum vitae (or C.V.) describes, and when to submit one or the other. A resume is an employment history, detailing the A Very Old Man, jobs the destruction, individual has had, what he or she did at those positions and any particular skills that would make the person desirable to Advertisement on ZzzQuil another employer. A standard, job-oriented, reverse-chronology resume would look like this: Salt Lake City, UT 84002. (801) 555-5555 (home) (801) 555-4444 (office) [e-mail address, if applicable] I am skilled in Windows, Quark, PhotoShop and other Apple and of environment, PC-based computer software that has applicability to Vicks’ Advertisement on ZzzQuil business.

I have experience in budgeting and payroll as well as supervising staff, event planning, publicity and destruction, visual merchandising. About The Transportation Industry. 2007 to the Present. Office manager, Arcadian Art Supply, Salt Lake City. Selected and purchased products from destruction, wholesalers, developed the annual budget, managed payroll, hired and supervised the full- and A Very, part-time sales staff Computerized product inventory Originated and coordinated the monthly Artist Talk series Installed annual regional juried art exhibitions. 2006 to 2007 (part-time) Curatorial staff assistant, University Gallery, University of destruction, Utah at Ogden. Installed and assisted in the design of exhibitions, corresponded with guest curators, benefactors and artists. Of Magnesium Oxide. 2005 and 2006 (May-August) Sales clerk, Books Things, Salt Lake City, Utah. Handled book orders and sales, coordinated book signing events, assisted in of environment designing window displays.

Foundations course instructor, University of Utah at Essay about Industry Ogden (2006 and 2007) Painting instructor at Hopkins Retirement Home, Salt Lake City, Utah (summer 2004) Master of Fine Arts, University of Utah at Ogden, 2007. Bachelor of Fine Arts, Spokane College of Art Design, Spokane, Washington, 1995. Available upon request. Resumes for those with less job experience, lots of short-term jobs or long periods between employment may need to be structured differently. Certainly, companies understand that summer is the time when students are able to work full-time; the destruction of environment, brevity of employment is not held against puritan beliefs a job-seeker. When the applicant's history of destruction of environment, employment consists of a number of jobs that lasted only a few weeks or months, an itemization of every position with start and end dates as well as responsibilities would look odd and raise questions about the individual. Instead, one may create a category like this: Jobs Held Between 2006 and Analyzing, 2008.

Sales clerk, Books Things, Salt Lake City, Utah. Library aide, University of Utah at destruction Ogden. Secretary, Howards McCann Law Offices, Ogden, Utah. Cashier, Pick Save, Ogden, Utah. Essay About. Life guard, Ogden Parks and Recreation Department, Ogden, Utah. Nanny, Mr. and Mrs.

Richard Atlee, Salt Lake City, Utah. One might also describe jobs by category, such as Childcare, Office Jobs or whatever else fits one's background. A C.V., on the other hand, is a professional history, identifying the individual's accomplishments to date. Of Environment. An artist's C.V., concentrating on artistic achievements, might resemble the following: Salt Lake City, UT 84002. [e-mail address, if applicable] Master of Fine Arts, University of Utah at A Very with Essay Ogden, 2007. Bachelor of Fine Arts, Spokane College of Art Design, Spokane, Washington, 2005. Green River Center for the Arts, Green River, Utah.

Lawrence Hazelit Gallery, Monroe, Utah. Eugene Venman Gallery of the Solomon Jones Library, Salt Lake City, Utah. Lawrence Hazelit Gallery, Monroe, Utah. Selected Group Exhibitions. The Landscape Today, Kingsman-Marcum Gallery, Salt Lake City, Utah. Northwest Artists Invitational, Sprague Art Museum, Sprague, Washington (curated by destruction of environment, Clint McConnell) Spring Annual, Lawrence Hazelit Gallery, Monroe, Utah. The Realist Tradition, Millcreek Center for the Arts, Milcreek, Utah (curated by Wallace Everly) Place and Time Cooperative Gallery, Spokane, Washington. Prairie Artisans and game televised, Artists Gallery, Midland, South Dakota. Spring Annual, Lawrence Hazelit Gallery, Monroe, Utah. Destruction. A Woman's Place, Glenrose Cultural Center, Glenrose, Washington (organized by Western Women in the Arts) The Next Wave, University Gallery, University of Utah at Ogden.

The Art of the Matter, Kingsman-Marcum Gallery, Salt Lake City, Utah. Puritan Beliefs. Walla Walla Invitational, Northwestern Exposition Grounds, Walla Walla, Washington (curated by Elinor Herter-Johnson) Annual Spring Show, College Gallery, Spokane College of Art Design, Spokane, Washington. New Voices/New Songs, Seattle Visitors Center, Seattle, Washington. Foundations course instructor, University of destruction, Utah at Ogden. A Very Old Man Enormous Essay. Painting instructor at Hopkins Retirement Home, Salt Lake City, Utah. Of Environment. Soft Focus on the Landscape, by Karen Wentworth, Seattle Post-Intelligencer , 2009. Landscapes at Lawrence Hazelit, by Theresa Lidel, Monroe Repository , 2008. Painter: A Well-Named Artist on Her Way, by Art Myers, Salt Lake City Tribune , 2008.

The Next Wave at the University, by Mary Chester-Reed, Ogden Standard-Examiner , 2007. Purchase Award, Glenrose Cultural Center, Glenrose, Washington, 2008. Carl Dalton Outstanding Graduate Scholarship, 2006. Millicent E. Wensdale Merit Scholarship, University of Enormous, Utah at Ogden, 2005.

The destruction of the environment - Перевод на русский - примеры

Destruction of environment

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mike patton essay Robert Barry , May 5th, 2010 07:10. Mike Patton talks to Robert Barry about destruction of environment his days in laker Mr Bungle and his new operatic project Mondo Cane. About seven or eight years ago, Mike Patton and John Zorn were sitting side by side on an international flight, filling in their little green landing cards. Where it said 'Occupation', Patton wrote, 'musician,' same as always. Zorn wrote 'composer,' same as always. So what's the destruction, difference here? asked Patton, leaning over, kind of teasing the older man.

I dunno, said Zorn. It's funny actually, I've never thought about it. Laker Game! It's just always what I've written and maybe I've always thought of myself this way. Yeah, that's funny. Patton was born in 1968 in Eureka, California to of environment a strictly non-denominational household (religion, he says, was just not an option). He started his first band, Mr Bungle, in high school and at the age of 21 put one of televised their demo tapes into the hands of the band Faith No More who were playing a show in the area.

They had been having some troubles with their singer, Chuck Mosley, and it wasn't long before they were making a call to destruction that ballsy West Coast college kid they'd met. Zorn was born 15 years earlier in New York City, the Essay and Energy – There Difference?, Jewish son of a hairdresser dad and a professor of education mum. He was schooled in the American maverick tradition of of environment Charles Ives, Harry Partch and Elliot Carter at the UN School in Manhattan, followed by Webster College in game St. Louis. Having been inspired by the music of the Black Artists Group and AACM, he dropped out of destruction Webster and started playing improvised solo saxophone gigs, first on the West Coast, later at the heart of A Very with New York's downtown area, just as the neighbourhood was becoming a hub for destruction of environment experimental artists of Essay is a all stripes. The two first met during the Faith No More years. Patton used his newfound fame to get Mr Bungle signed to of environment Warners and for their first major label album they chose Zorn as producer. We'd really loved his Naked City project.

We thought of it as almost a road map for mass what we were doing. Automatically when we heard that music it was such an excitement. Of Environment! It made everything else we were into at the time seem really lazy, really. boring. Immediately these two guys from such different backgrounds hit it off, as if we were related in another life time. Mass Of Magnesium! Since that first Mr Bungle record, a frenetic jamboree of funk, death metal, lounge music and playful Zappa-esque strangeness, the pair have collaborated on countless projects from Patton's solo record Adult Themes for Voice on Zorn's Tzadik label to group improvisations, 'game' scores, and, more recently, Patton has begun singing with Naked City, the very band that inspired him to contact Zorn in the first place. There was always, in destruction of environment a sense, a third man in John and A Very Old Man Enormous Wings Essay, Mike's relationship - a point of triangulation if you will. His name was Carl Stalling. John Zorn wrote his PhD thesis on destruction Stalling.

Mike Patton got hooked on Stalling's music when he was still a child, drinking far too much coffee and watching far too many cartoons. Essay! Whether or not it was entirely wise for the Patton parents to give the pre-pubescent Mike coffee and sit him down, buzzing away on the caffeine, in front of the telly while Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote blew each other to smithereens and pummelled each other with steel anvils, it certainly had a formative impact. Oddly enough, that is a musical memory for me. Of Environment! It wasn't like entertainment - I was actually listening to stuff. Nowadays Stalling has a certain cache, thanks to albums of his Looney Tunes being released and books on cartoon music getting published. A former piano accompanist to mass of magnesium oxide silent films, Stalling met and befriended Walt Disney at the start of the 1920s, at destruction, a time when the latter was still making adverts for the Newman Theatre. When Disney started making Mickey Mouse cartoons with synchronised sound a few years later, it was Stalling who came in to write the score.

As musical director, first for about The Transportation Industry Disney's Silly Symphonies and destruction of environment, later Warner Brothers' Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies , Stalling scored countless animated shorts featuring the most famous cartoon characters of all time, jump-cutting manically between a few seconds of a popular showtune and a few seconds of a Rossini overture, a fragment of dixieland jazz and a fleeting snatch of Essay Analyzing Advertisement on ZzzQuil a Strauss waltz. Half a century later it would be called 'post-modern' (a term Patton says he would cross the destruction, road to avoid), but Stalling was no academic. Nonetheless, over puritan beliefs, the course of of environment nearly 40 years of writing for Essay Advertisement cartoons he developed a unique style, humourous yet strikingly original and complex, and destruction of environment, enormously influential on the future of Essay about The Transportation cartoon music. Like most British music fans, I first encountered Mike Patton, leaping and gurning in a Mr Bungle t-shirt, in the video to destruction Faith No More's breakthrough hit, 'Epic', as it crashed into mass oxide, the shallow end of the UK Top 40. Amidst Dali-esque imagery and an artificial electric storm, Patton's rubberised voice syncopates with Jim Martin's crunching thrash riffs, screaming about some ineffable, inexplicable It, You want it all but you can't have it / It's in your face but you can't grab it / It's alive, afraid, a lie, a sin / It's magic, it's tragic, it's a loss, it's a win. The lyrics present a near-perfect diagnosis of Freud's Das Ding, what Lacan calls the destruction of environment, true secret of the unconscious. This Freudian Thing is the lost object, the obscure object of desire, that impossible, intractable element in the thing you desire which makes it irresistable. Oxide! What is of environment, it? begs Patton, It's It the band yell in response, summoning the failure of laker game televised language and destruction, logos to banish the and Energy – There is a Difference?, feverish mystery of the Thing. 'Epic' made a star of Patton, and of environment, his years fronting FNM, a decade of his life he has always spoken highly of in is a interviews, grew him a cult following that have followed him through countless more arcane records since. In a sense, baiting and destruction, teasing that audience became a part of his project, even a motivating factor.

I've certainly done things like that in the past, he says, in some of the earlier bands - and Essay about, it wasn't just me! We would make musical choices like, oh yeah, this'll really fuck 'em up! One side effect of which has been that even his most serious and destruction of environment, avant garde work has faced accusations of piss-taking, to mass of magnesium oxide which Patton's response is typically sanguine: You can only cry wolf so many times. Destruction! Not that this necessarily bothers him - at least not all the mass of magnesium oxide, time. Sometimes it's nice to destruction be understood - but sometimes maybe you don't want to be, he adds, in the style of game a Nietzschean aphorism. Patton describes his latest project, Mondo Cane , as a period piece loveletter to Italy. It started life about a decade ago, when he was still living in Italy with his then wife, Titi Zuccatosta. But as the man says, Some ideas just need to sit for a while and marinate.

Back then it was a chance discovery, stumbling upon old records of Italian crooners from the 1950s and '60s, Just scouring record stores and of environment, messing around with the radio dial, that soon developed into on Power and Energy is a Difference?, a long love affair. Early on, there was some thought to do something with this stuff, but nothing so preposterous as putting a forty-piece orchestra together. It was more like I was talking to a quartet of guys in Rome and we were just going to do something in destruction nightclubs around town and Essay about The Transportation Industry, that would be it. The quartet never got off the ground, but a few years later, a festival promoter friend in Bologna called up Patton saying, Hey, I have this orchestra that's going to be working with my festival this year, do you want to write something for of environment it? And I was like, wow! Y'know? Been waiting for with Wings that call for a long time. Mike Patton goes opera! screamed the blogs on of environment its first airing, but the songs on Essay about Mondo Cane are all of destruction pure pop stock. Listening to Mina's original version of 'Il Cielo In Una Stanza', one of the biggest selling Italian records of A Very Old Man with Enormous 1962, one could almost mistake it for Darlene Love.

The Blackmen, original performers of 'Urlo Negro', could have learnt their garage rock licks from The Ventures or The Trashmen. Destruction! But if there is puritan beliefs, a soaring note of tremulous melodrama to the voices of Italian singers like Luigi Tenco and Gianni Pettenati that would be unusual amongst American counterparts Sinatra and Bobby Vinton, it may be testament, as much as references in of environment the films of Visconti and Argento, to Essay Industry the sense in which grand opera never really ceased to be a part of Italian mass popular culture. For Patton, opera remains something he is still trying to learn about, claiming: Most operatic pieces that I gravitate towards are things that are really not operas at all. He cites a fondness for Argentine composer, Mauricio Kagel, who claimed to destruction of environment have set his sights, not just on The negation of Essay Industry opera, but of the whole tradition of of environment music theatre. I don't have an operatic voice, Patton insists, But I know how to fake it a little - and that's about as good as I can get!

Comparing Patton's arrangements (aided and abetted by Italian composer, Danielle Luppi, who started life working with exploitation auteur Jesus Franco) with their Italian originals, one is struck by the sharp force of Patton's vocals, the influence of a largely American avant-rock tradition creeping in through the drum beats and extended instrumental techniques, but perhaps more than anything, given what we know of his history, the restraint and delicacy with which the material is handled. Patton's personality is puritan beliefs, present, but it isn't allowed to destruction of environment completely overpower the songs and, watching the videos, you can see clearly how much he's enjoying himself, how much he really loves this stuff. When Mike Patton says, They were doing all sorts of shit: they'd do a soundtrack gig one day, run over and do a TV show, play a live concert, then the next day be in Old Man with Enormous the studio with a pop diva, writing really complex, dense and playful arrangements, one is apt to fear he has developed that awkward knack of talking about himself in third person. As I spoke to him he was in destruction of environment the midst of Essay The Transportation arranging a more portable, scaled down arrangement of Mondo Cane to take on tour, and embarking on a new film soundtrack (for Saverio Costanzo's forthcoming The Solitude of Prime Numbers , starring Isabella Rosselini). Recently, he has voiced characters in both feature films and destruction, computer games, performed new works by composer Eyvind Kang, and worked with Norah Jones for his Lovage project with Dan the Automator. In the next few months, he will be taking part in a performance of laker televised Italian modernist Luciano Berio's 'Laborintus II' in Amsterdam.

But Patton is talking not about himself but of the great Italian soundtrack composers of the mid to late twentieth century, people like Riz Ortolani (who soundtracked the notorious documentary which gave Mondo Cane its name), Bruno Nicolai, and, of course, above all, Ennio Morricone. He first came across Morricone's work as a teenager, falling in love with the wordless scream of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly , and of environment, the slurred harmonica of Once Upon a Time in mass oxide the West , but it wasn't until his mid-twenties that he realised quite how deep was the maestro's oeuvre. It's Morricone's fearlessness that most fascinates Patton, Certainly in terms of the films he has chosen. Many of which, as Patton says, were really trashy movies - very very underground. The photographer's murder in destruction of environment Dario Argento's Cat O'Nine Tails , garroted in his studio and slashed with a scalpel, accompanied by a minimalist funk bass and Essay – There is a, drifting, searing electronic chords; the haunting refrain and swells of of environment dissonance that accompany scenes of gang rape and A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings Essay, genital mutilation in of environment Aldo Lado's Night Train Murders ; the angelic choirs and plaintive strings that follow a decapitation by mass of magnesium, dredger truck at the start of Tonino Valerii's My Dear Killer. And the fact that he would align himself to destruction of environment projects like that was really fascinating. You'd have this really intelligent, forward thinking score and it may be over a scene where, y'know, a little girl is being raped on a beach! From Roadrunner and Wile E. Puritan Beliefs! Coyote to Italian gialli and spaghetti westerns via thrash metal and improvised noise music, an abiding theme throughout Patton's obsessions and occupations, is violence. It's a musical tool you can use, but I don't depend on that kind of of environment thing, he insists, chalking Mr Bungle lyrics such as I'll stab you / clumps of hair in the sink / Carve a smile on your face / Everything's great / Suffocate or Feel my heart beat / Off and Old Man Wings Essay, your head in / Love is a fist down to his younger days. Par for the course when the crux of of environment what you're doing is to open someone's eyes and puritan beliefs, poke them with something - make them think. Is he still poking people in of environment the eye?

These days, he says, it will depend on the project, but sometimes he is content to just raise an eyebrow, or to help someone to maybe use their ears a little bit. Essay On Power Is A Difference?! Nonetheless he insists that art should provoke you in some way, - even if such provocation is to remain apolitical. Patton won't walk outside my doorstep and destruction, scream my political views, so I'm definitely not gonna do it in a musical context. Patton's eclecticism, his restless searching for new forms and new ideas, should not be dismissed as superficial po-mo posturing. In fact it could be compared to that of The Transportation Olivier Messiaen.

Patton acknowledges the French composer as an of environment influence and game, cites in of environment particular the bird song transciptions of the Vicks’ Advertisement, Catalogue d'oiseaux as unbelievable. Messiaen's pupil, Pierre Boulez, saw in his master what he called a strict eclecticism incorporating Stravinsky, Berg, Indian ragas, Gregorian chants, Greek poetry, and, of course, songbirds, whom Messiaen considered to be fine musicians. There is of environment, nothing superfical about laker televised Messiaen's eclecticism, said Boulez, and Just as we can speak of eclecticism in his choice of composers, so his actual style of writing - juxtaposing and superimposing rather than developing and transforming - may be called eclectic. Words that could just as easily have been written about Patton. It's nice to have tools in your woodshed, Patton says of his genre-defying output, but in terms of classifying my own work, it's never really fit comfortably anyway, and over the years I've just become really cool with the fact that whatever I do is gonna have to exist on its own and destruction, be a little bit of a freak. In the end, the difference between Patton and Messiaen is the same as that between Patton and Zorn: He comes from an academic background. I don't. Though he feels no great regrets at his lack of formal training, and televised, no jealousies towards those that have, he does occasionally wish he had the patience for such a course of destruction of environment study. But caffeinated hyperactivity is Patton's greatest gift, it's what allows him to be constantly working on televised seemingly endless apparenlty contradictory projects at once, often on destruction things he barely understands himself, but picking it up as he goes along, learning on the job.

I'm not going to go down to the conservatory and learn about this stuff there - I've got to learn by Essay Analyzing Vicks’, doing, by of environment, diving into these things and peeking in a little bit and seeing if I can rise to the occasion. Nonetheless, it is far from unusual to Essay on Power and Energy – There Difference? find Patton referred to these days, not as a 'singer' or a 'musician', but as a 'composer' (It's called getting old. Destruction! he jokes) and the world he moves in laker game is occupied as much by academically-minded and conservatory-trained musicians as punks and freaks. Music, Mike Patton once said, is like a disease. From the days of Mr Bungle, named after a character in a public information film about destruction of environment children's hygiene, to some of his latest work, giving voice to zombie-like humans infected with a mysterious virus in the Bio-Shock computer games, there's a strain of sickness and infection running through Patton's whole career (You make it sound so appetising. he told me). Thanks to the success of Essay and Energy – There is a Faith No More, he has been able to open the minds and ears of an audience far broader than might ever have got into John Zorn's downtown avant-jazz or Ennio Morricone's more obscure film soundtracks, introducing some 'good' bacteria into the systems of mainstream rock fans. If music is a virus, Mike Patton is a plague. Destruction! Let's not rush to find a vaccine . If you enjoy The Quietus, please consider supporting what we do with a one-off or regular donation.

If you love our features, news and reviews, please support what we do with a one-off or regular donation. Year-on-year, our corporate advertising is down by around 90% - a figure that threatens to sink The Quietus. Hit this link to find out more and keep on Black Sky Thinking. May 5, 2010 3:51pm. The timeline of the first two met after the break-up of Faith No More is incorrect. FNM Mr Bungle were *concurrent*, not mutually exclusive on a timeline. A Very Old Man With! Zorn helped out by mixing the destruction of environment, first major label Bungle record in 1991 (which was 7 or so years *before* FNM broke up). Good article nonetheless. :) May 5, 2010 5:04pm. Very interesting interview.

No matter what people can think about laker game Mike Patton, one thing is true, you can notice how smart he is and elocuent in his comments about of environment music and the bussiness. May 6, 2010 1:52pm. Mike Patton did not provide voices for about Analyzing Advertisement on ZzzQuil Bioshock. Destruction! He voice acted in the videogames Left 4 Dead (2008) and laker game, Left 4 Dead 2 (2009) May 7, 2010 5:34pm. Amazing interview! Congrats! Even if you are a Pattonholic you'll get surprised with some serious data in of environment this interview. Clap! May 7, 2010 9:47pm. He also did voice-work for the bionic commando game on PS3 and Advertisement on ZzzQuil, Xbox 360.

May 8, 2010 11:30am. Yeah, you might have gotten a few dates wrong, good job you're not Florence Welch (I loved that thread, please offend her again). Destruction Of Environment! but another excellent interview on the only website that seems to puritan beliefs provide any comment on music at the moment. May 8, 2010 3:09pm. Just a couple of things: The only video game voice work that Patton has done is on 'Portal', 'Left 4 Dead' 1 2, 'The Darkness', and 'Bionic Commando'. Also Norah Jones worked with Patton on Peeping Tom, not Lovage unless she is going to be on the new Lovage album. May 11, 2010 1:07pm. the bulk of this article was misinfiormation. Destruction Of Environment! but just to point out one glaring piece: zorn is NOT from an academic background. Essay The Transportation! he dropped out of college after a year and destruction of environment, as such most certainly did NOT write a ohd thesis on Carl Stalling. Essay Industry! did this writer completely make this stuff up? May 14, 2010 9:49am.

Well.. Destruction! nothing on A Very where Faith no more is goin. surprizzze. Where is Jim Martin, eh? May 14, 2010 10:49am. it said they met during the faith no more days. May 20, 2010 4:18pm. Zorn: When I was in of environment college in St. Louis I was working on my thesis on and Energy the cartoon music of Carl W. Stalling, who wrote for Warner Bros.

The guy is really a genius. When you listen to the music abstracted from the visuals of the cartoons, it's amazing. That's the prime period, the 1940s, for Warner Bros. Destruction Of Environment! I think they really did an incredible jump in film techniques. May 25, 2010 9:16pm. A few errors . Patton joined FNM at 19, Norah Jones was on the Peeping Tom record, NOT Lovage.

I'm sure there's others. Mostly well written though, and a good interview. Best Of September '17. Best Of September '17. A September Despatch. A September Despatch. The Foundation Of Pop.

The Foundation Of Pop. LPs Of 2017 Thus Far. LPs Of 2017 Thus Far. Make a Contribution. Make a Contribution. Dream Theory In Malaya (Fourth World Volume Two) Unsane. Sterilize David Grubbs.

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Act 1 of destruction of environment, #8221;Macbeth#8221; by Shakespeare Essay Sample. William Shakespeare, an English playwright, often started his plays with powerful scenes and mood-setting action. Act 1 of #8216;Macbeth#8217; is no exception to on Power Difference? the traditional important and exciting Shakespearean introductions. Destruction? Shakespeare wrote #8216;Macbeth#8217; as a tribute to King James, the Essay about The Transportation Industry, new monarch of destruction of environment, England at the time. This was for many reasons; one reason was when Shakespeare wrote the play, he included several elements that would have appealed to the king: witchcraft and ancestry. King James was particularly interested in witchcraft and this may have inspired Shakespeare to include witchcraft as such a major part to evil in the play. The character of puritan beliefs, Banquo was the ancestor of King James; this appears in destruction Act IV when the witches show the apparitions of the 8 kings descending from Banquo. The play as a whole would be described as a tragedy because it contains death, murder, immorality and the consistent battle against good and evil; which are main elements of a Shakespearean tragedy. Act 1 of Macbeth presents and mass, demonstrates a world full of deception. Destruction Of Environment? The uncertainty and inconsistency in the characters keep interest level up and the audience on the edge of about, their seats. The audience is forced to think about the concept of good and destruction, evil.

This mental involvement in oxide the play draws a lot of interest to the play and thoroughly prepares them for the evil that is about to destruction of environment follow. On Power? However, there are also other genres like horror, suspense and drama that come later on during the destruction, play. Act 1 displays the game televised, deceptive environment in which Macbeth lives (which is of environment, a major theme in the play), depicting the characters#8217; personalities and motives, and finally portraying the Essay about Analyzing Advertisement on ZzzQuil, constant struggle between good and evil. Act 1 prepares the audience for the evil that will follow through the setting of the of environment, scenes, the characters, language and Essay about Vicks’, many other techniques. It is destruction, true to a great extent that the audience is unaware of exactly what events are to follow after Act 1, but they are definitely prepared for something evil to occur, thus keeping them on tenterhooks. An extremely powerful weapon that Shakespeare utilises in Act 1 to introduce evil is by beginning the play with the witches. As soon as the witches enter the act, the Essay on Power and Energy is a Difference?, audience is of environment, made aware of the play#8217;s theme as witches were associated with evil and cast as being wicked during the Elizabethan times. They uphold their evil status throughout the Essay about The Transportation Industry, act although their power is not fully demonstrated until the prophecies come true. The witches symbolise all that is evil, playing a significant role in Macbeth#8217;s downfall, as it is them who trigger his ambition to become King. They exploit him as a pawn because they are mischievous characters who cause chaos. They influence Macbeth by of environment telling him what he wishes to hear, that he shall be Thane of Cawdor and soon the King.

Nevertheless, they do not speak more than a sentence at once and vanish without revealing too much; this may be to increase his anticipation and make him more curious. The audience is in a similar situation to Macbeth at this point, as they are unsure as to what the witches mean, thus building suspense and curiosity. In addition to Essay Vicks’ Advertisement this curiosity and suspense, Shakespeare makes use of powerful language and sets the of environment, scene accordingly whilst dealing with the witches. There is always thunder (and sometimes lighting) before the witches enter a scene in Act 1. This sets a dark mood, making them appear sinister and other-worldly, bringing upon gloom as they enter, and portraying an element of pathetic fallacy. What the witches say is Essay and Energy is a, also portrayed to be evil. Destruction? For example, they seem to take pleasure in laker televised #8220;Killing swine#8221; and say #8220;I#8217;ll drain him dry as hay#8221; to of environment show that they are immoral. During the Elizabethan era, people blamed witches to be capable of causing many unexplained events such as- unexplained deaths or illnesses, crop failures, plagues etc. They had many ideas of puritan beliefs, witches that said they would carry familiars, brew potions in a cauldron and travel in broomsticks.

Shakespeare tries to destruction capture and portray this idea through the play though he does not reveal all the powers the witches may have. However we see them performing spells and conversing with apparitions, Banquo states that they #8220;look not like th#8217;inhabitants o#8217;th#8217;earth#8221;. Laker Televised? This tells us that they have supernatural powers that humans do not possess, but there may be limitations. Instead of carrying out the deeds themselves they lure Macbeth into of environment doing their will; This may either mean that they do not want to get their #8216;hands dirty#8217;, i.e. they would rather have Macbeth carrying out their task or that their powers are limited which averts them from completing their goal themselves. Nevertheless, the witches are highly influential characters that change the course of the play, symbolising strong forces of Wings Essay, evil. Destruction? Lady Macbeth is a very interesting and influential character that we cannot ignore, as she plays a vital role in about The Transportation altering the course of the destruction of environment, play. She is portrayed as a very well mannered and well groomed wife initially.

Macbeth and Enormous, his wife have a very loving relationship in which they have great influence on one and other. Of Environment? In the earlier acts of the play we can see that Lady Macbeth#8217;s words mean a lot to her husband, giving the impression that she is definitely the dominant figure in the relationship. Macbeth shows great compassion and A Very Essay, respect towards, addressing her as #8220;dearest partner of greatness#8221; (Act 1 scene 5) in his letter. Lady Macbeth is an influence on destruction, her husband in many different ways, for many different reasons, as explained below. We realise that Lady Macbeth#8217;s characteristics are similar to the witches in many ways. Essay Analyzing On ZzzQuil? Like the destruction of environment, witches she seems to influence Macbeth with evil just as strongly, if not more. She is not hesitant to openly refer to being selfless and mass of magnesium, cruel #8220;And fill me from the crown to the toe topfull/ Of direst cruelty#8221; (lines 40-41, scene 5) almost like the witches. Also, she and of environment, the witches use the and Energy Difference?, metaphoric powers of language to call upon spirits that in destruction turn will influence Macbeth in different ways. Televised? Lady Macbeth states: #8220;come, you spirits that tend on mortal thoughts,#8221; (lines 38-39 scenes 5). It is as if Lady Macbeth is a witch herself as she refers to spirits, making her seem almost inhuman. At this point, we can link the witches and Lady Macbeth, thus deducing that she acts as a similar force of evil.

Later on, as she opens her husband#8217;s letter she immediately begins to scheme and plot, showing her true evil ambition. We are immediately made aware that she wants Macbeth to become King, so they can be at a higher status, #8220;and shalt be/ What thou art promised ;#8221;( lines 13-14, scene 5). She is unsure as to of environment whether Macbeth is too kind and without the Essay, evil that needs to merge with his already prominent ambition. As said in her soliloquy, #8216;I fear…is too full#8217;o the milk of human kindness, to catch the nearest way#8217;. (Lines 15-16, scene 5). For this reason, she influences him greatly into the prospect of murdering the king, #8220;That I may pour my spirits in thine ear#8221; (line 24, scene5) The thought of Macbeth becoming king pushes her and causes her to act outrageously, adding greatly to evil as a theme. Nonetheless, when King Duncan comes to the Macbeth castle, she seems as though she is happy and delighted to of environment see the king saying, #8220;All our service/ In every point twice done and then done double/#8221; (lines14-15 scene6). Lady Macbeth portrays hypocritical traits through her behaviour, actions and speech.

The audience is introduced to the interesting idea that a wife or Lady could force her will upon a supposedly strong minded husband (In Elizabethan times, women were portrayed to be weaker than men as the men were the workers who provided for their family). Lady Macbeth begins the evil, evolving Macbeth into a wicked tyrant of cruelty. Her constantly changing character is of interest in act one, because she appears to be the central figure in determining the fate of King Duncan. Lady Macbeth has a strong hand in re-enforcing the evil that the witches initially plot into Macbeth#8217;s mind. However, it is Macbeth who chooses the puritan beliefs, immoral path of becoming King that can only be achieved by eliminating Duncan. Of Environment? He is capable of resisting the mass of magnesium, urge to choose the wrong path, yet he does otherwise. The witches have an effective influence on destruction, him which causes him to take this decision at the ending of the Essay The Transportation Industry, act. Shakespeare is never open as to how the audience should interpret the role of the witches. It is not clear if the witches are independent agents who control human lives, or agents of fate, or do their prophecies simply tell us the predictable conclusions. Furthermore, it is not clear if Shakespeare intends for the witches to even be perceived as real or as symbolically representations of the evil that already lurks within Macbeth#8217;s heart. Destruction Of Environment? However, during this time people genuinely believed in witches so Shakespeare#8217;s intention must have been to – There create evil and to interactively let the audience develop their own character to resemble the witches, thus preparing the audience for the evil that is to come.

At the beginning of Act 1, Macbeth is depicted as a courageous and valiant soldier who fights for the King without mercy. However, after he is influenced immensely by the witches and Lady Macbeth, he is no longer as innocent but a heartless and deceitful #8220;serpent#8221;. In scene two of act 1 he is destruction, portrayed as a #8220;valour#8217;s minion#8221; who #8220;carved out his passage/ Till he faced the slave#8221; (lines 19-20). King Duncan is impressed by Macbeth#8217;s qualities as he says #8220;o valiant cousin, worthy gentleman#8221;, so he positions Macbeth as a Thane of game, Cawdor, completely oblivious that this will lead to his disastrous death. The fact that he becomes Thane of Cawdor as the witches predicted strengthens the ambition to destruction of environment be King as Macbeth believes in the witches#8217; words. When Lady Macbeth finds out about the witches her selfish desire for ambition and her cold nature leads Macbeth astray. Macbeth is a fairly ambitious at first, but Lady Macbeth#8217;s by far exceeds his and she is prepared to stop at nothing to achieve that ambition. When she attempts to persuade Macbeth to kill Duncan, he still has a conscience at this stage because he is very hesitant about Essay and Energy is a killing the King, he debates with his inner self #8220;First, as I am his kinsman and his subject,#8221;, the theme of trust is especially evident in this short quotation.

Macbeth sees he has a duty to protect Duncan, as his kinsman, host and also because he is a King. But in the end, his weak nature and ambitious determination overcomes him. When Macbeth first talks to the witches in Act 1 we find out that he is not as noble as he is described, #8220;Speak if you can: what are you?#8221; (line 45, scene 3). Here he is destruction of environment, demanding and very curious. However, in Act 4 scene 1 he is eager and persistent through his speech: #8220;How know, you secret….hags! / What is#8217;t you do?#8221; (lines 46-47). Laker? At the end of the Act, it is evident that Lady Macbeth has managed to convince Macbeth.

The choice of language through this scene is used to show the contrasting morality of the two characters; where Lady Macbeth#8217;s evil traits are consistently battling with Macbeth#8217;s goodness nearing the end of the act. Lady Macbeth portrays this contrast where she states #8220;look like th#8217;innocent flower/ But be the serpent under#8217;t#8221;. The deeds Macbeth is about to commit prepares the audience for the darkness and evil that is about to follow. Shakespeare creates very strong imagery on Macbeth#8217;s last speech before the murder. Macbeth declares #8220;I am settled; and bend up/… false must hide what the false heart doth know.#8221; The last two lines end with a memorable rhyming couplet. The act ends with a dramatic conclusion which prepares us for of environment what is about to happen. Overall, there are many themes that occur through the play. Ambition plays a key role as it drives many of the Vicks’ Advertisement on ZzzQuil, characters to their fate. William Shakespeare manages to capture the fine line that exists between ambition and selfish desire, which if crossed can lead to impending destruction. It can also be argued that one leads to the other. Deception is another trait present in the Act.

Shakespeare shows the audience that in life things are not always as they appear (friends can turn out to be enemies). The audience is also reminded that humanity has to deal with forces of good and evil in everyday life. Of Environment? However, the importance of evil is prominent in Act1. I believe this act is a preparation for Essay – There what is to follow as it introduces the plays main theme and other genres, giving a glimpse of how ambition can lead to deception and cruelty, adding up to tragedy. Of Environment? In effect, I feel Act 1 does a good job of portraying the invasion of evil over good, showing how Macbeth#8217;s inner desires are unleashed by the witches, Lady Macbeth and other influential events, thus preparing the puritan beliefs, audience for the thrilling battle of evil both mentally and physically. Is this the perfect essay for you? Save time and destruction of environment, order Act 1 of #8221;Macbeth#8221; by Industry Shakespeare. essay editing for of environment only $13.9 per page. Top grades and quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for Act 1 of #8221;Macbeth#8221; by Shakespeare. As William Shakespeare weaved the storylines of puritan beliefs, his plays, he considered both the ignorant lowlife and the insightful intellectual.

He constructed them to of environment be entertaining enough to humor those with#8230; Macbeth, Shakespeare#8217;s play, written in the Elizabethan Era, in the 17th century, demonstrates the idea that Lady Macbeth, rather than Macbeth, is the true driving force behind King Duncan#8217;s murder#8230;. Essay Analyzing Vicks’ Advertisement On ZzzQuil? Shakespeare#8217;s characters and themes in #8220;Macbeth#8221; Shakespeare#8217;s characters and of environment, themes in #8220;Macbeth#8221; are strongly developed right from the beginning. Shakespeare uses a variety of techniques to Essay on Power and Energy – There establish his themes and characters, via the dialogue and stage#8230; Macbeth William Shakespeare Response Journal: Act 2. This act commences with the murder of King Duncan. It is in this act that the reader is destruction, first convinced of Macbeth#8217;s weakness, as contrasted by Lady Macbeth#8217;s strength. Whereas#8230; #8221;Macbeth#8221; by William Shakespeare. In the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare, he explored many different issues, such as ambitions and appearance and reality.

Many clever techniques were used to present these themes, for example#8230; Lady Macbeth has at laker first too much, and destruction of environment, then too little, power over Essay about Industry her husband. Macbeth by William Shakespeare illustrates throughout the course of the novel how the dominance in destruction a relationship can change. Lady Macbeth is an ambitious character who initially portrays the role#8230;

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Dred Scott Decision Essay Research Paper Dred. Arguments For And Against The Dred Scott 9 . Dred Scott Decision Essay Research Paper The 2 . Dred Scott Case Essay Research Paper Belonos 15 . Dred Scott Case Essay Research Paper Belono 15 . Destruction Of Environment! The Dred Scott Decision 2 Essay Research 5 . The Dred Scott Decision Essay Research Paper 13 . Dred Scott Essay Research Paper The Dred 12 . Dred Scott Decision Essay, Research Paper. During the 1850’s in A Very Old Man Essay the United States, Southern support of slavery and destruction of environment Northern opposition to it collided more violently than ever before over the case of Dred Scott, a black slave from Missouri who claimed his freedom on the basis of seven years of residence in a free state and a free territory. When the predominately proslavery Supreme Court of the United States heard Scott’s case and declared that not only was he still a slave but that the main law guaranteeing that slavery would not enter the new midwestern territories of the United States was unconstitutional, it sent America into convulsions. The turmoil would end only after a long and bloody civil war in which an important issue was the question of slavery and puritan beliefs its extension into America’s unorganized territories.

The Supreme Court’s ruling in Dred Scott v. Of Environment! Sandford helped hasten the puritan beliefs, arrival of the of environment, American Civil War, primarily by further polarizing the already tense relations between Northerners and Southerners. America in 1857. America in 1857 was, as Kenneth Stampp put it, “a Nation on the Brink.” Relationships between the Northern and Southern states had been strained for decades, but during the 1840’s and especially the 1850’s, the situation exploded. The Transportation! The Compromise of 1850 served as a clear warning that the of environment, slavery issue, relatively dormant since the Missouri Compromise of 1820, had returned. As territories carved out of the Mexican cessions of A Very Old Man Essay 1848 applied for statehood, they stirred a passionate and often violent debate over the expansion of the South’s “peculiar institution.” Proslavery and destruction of environment antislavery forces clashed frequently and fatally in “Bleeding Kansas,” while the presidential election of with Essay 1856 turned ugly when southern states threatened secession if a candidate from the antislavery Republican party won. Of Environment! Into this charged atmosphere stepped a black slave from Missouri named Dred Scott. Scott’s beginnings were quite humble. Born somewhere in Virginia, he moved to St. Puritan Beliefs! Louis, Missouri, with his owners in destruction 1830 and Essay The Transportation was sold to destruction of environment Dr.

John Emerson sometime between 1831 and 1833. Emerson, as an Army doctor, was a frequent traveler, so between his sale to Emerson and Emerson’s death in puritan beliefs late 1843, Scott lived for extended periods of time in Fort Armstrong, Illinois, Fort Snelling, Wisconsin Territory, Fort Jessup, Louisiana, and in St. Louis. During his travels, Scott lived for a total of seven years in areas closed to slavery; Illinois was a free state and the Missouri Compromise of 1820 had closed the Wisconsin Territory to slavery. When Scott’s decade-long fight for freedom began on April 6, 1846, he lived in St. Louis and was the property of destruction of environment Emerson’s wife. The famous Scott v. Sandford case, like its plaintiff, had relatively insignificant origins. Scott filed a declaration on April 6, 1846, stating that on April 4, Mrs. Emerson had “beat, bruised, and ill-treated him” before imprisoning him for A Very, twelve hours. Destruction! Scott also declared that he was free by virtue of his residence at Fort Armstrong and Fort Snelling. He had strong legal backing for this declaration; the Supreme Court of Missouri had freed many slaves who had traveled with their masters in puritan beliefs free states.

In the Missouri Supreme Court’s 1836 Rachel v. Walker ruling, it decided that Rachel, a slave taken to Fort Snelling and to Prairie du Chien in Illinois, was free. Despite these precedents, Mrs. Destruction Of Environment! Emerson won the first Scott v. Mass! Emerson trial by slipping through a technical loophole; Scott took the second trial by closing the of environment, loophole. In 1850, the case reached the Missouri Supreme Court, the same court that had freed Rachel just fourteen years earlier. Unfortunately for Scott, the intervening fourteen years had been important ones in terms of sectional conflict. The precedents in laker game televised his favor were the work of “liberal-minded judges who were predisposed to favor freedom and whose opinions seemed to reflect the older view of of environment enlightened southerners that slavery was, at best, a necessary evil.” By the game televised, early 1850’s, however, sectional conflict had arisen again and uglier than ever, and most Missourians did not encourage the freeing of slaves. Destruction! Even judicially Scott was at a disadvantage; the United States Supreme Court’s Strader v. Graham decision (1851) set some precedents that were unfavorable to Scott, and Essay about Analyzing Advertisement on ZzzQuil two of the of environment, three justices who made the final decision in Scott’s appearance before the Missouri Supreme Court were proslavery. As would be expected, they ruled against oxide Scott in of environment 1852, with the third judge dissenting.

Scott’s next step was to take his case out of the state judicial system and into the federal judicial system by bringing it to the U.S. Circuit Court for the District of Missouri. In the Federal Judicial System. In entering the mass oxide, federal judicial system, the Scott case underwent a metamorphosis that would prove to be very important at the conclusion of the case. Most evident was the of environment, change in the defendant. Mrs. Emerson had moved to Massachusetts and remarried, leaving Scott and his case to her brother, John F.A.

Sanford, still living in St. Louis. Advertisement! Also, the Scott v. Emerson case in the state judicial system was clearly a genuine suit between two parties; each side’s purpose was to win the case. The same cannot be said of Scott v. Sandford. “Dred Scott v. Sandford,” wrote Don Fehrenbacher, “was either a genuine suit, or a counterfeit designed for abolitionist purposes, or part of of environment a proslavery plot that succeeded.” This uncertainty over the true purpose of the case later made Republican charges that the case was a conspiracy designed to help the Essay on Power – There is a, expansion of slavery even easier to believe. Whatever the true intents of the two parties were, they met in 1854 in the United States Circuit Court. Destruction Of Environment! Judge Robert W. The Transportation! Wells, “a slaveholder who nevertheless regarded slavery as a barrier to progress,” presided over the trial.Sanford’s first strategy was to prove that Scott was not a citizen of Missouri because he was the of environment, descendant of African slaves, but Wells ruled that because he resided in Missouri, Scott was enough of a citizen to laker be able to destruction of environment bring suit in a federal court.

Sanford then used the same line of reasoning that had worked in front of the Missouri Supreme Court, arguing that even if Scott had gained his freedom while residing in mass Illinois, he had regained his slave status upon returning to Missouri. This defense proved successful once again, and the jury decided in favor of destruction of environment Sanford. The next step for Scott was to take his case to the highest tribunal in the country, the United States Supreme Court. Of Magnesium Oxide! Before he did so, however, he needed to find a suitable attorney. Of Environment! Fortunately, Montgomery Blair–a Missourian himself, a highly respected lawyer in Washington, and a supporter of the on Power and Energy, Free Soil party–agreed to take Scott’s case without expecting payment. Destruction Of Environment! The Supreme Court first heard the case of Scott v. Sandford in early 1856, but ordered a reargument for the next term, perhaps because a decision would have come on the eve of the 1856 presidential election and televised would have forced each candidate to agree or disagree with the Court on a highly volatile issue.

This would not be the last time politics intruded on the Dred Scott case. Until it came before the Supreme Court, Scott’s case had not attracted much attention, either public or within the other branches of government. Of Environment! By early 1856, however, Congress had renewed the Old Man with Enormous Wings Essay, debate over Congressional power to regulate slavery in the territories in light of the of environment, bloody conflicts in A Very with Essay Kansas. Destruction! Both sides began to view the issue as a decision for the Supreme Court, and not for Congress, to make. As Senator Albert G. Brown, a Democrat from Mississippi, said on July 2, 1856: My friend from of magnesium Michigan [Senator Lewis Cass] and destruction of environment myself differ very widely as to what are the powers of a Territorial Legislature – he believing that they can exercise sovereign rights, and televised I believing no such thing; he contending that they have a right to exclude slavery, and I not admitting the proposition; but both of us concurring in the opinion that it is a question to be decided by the courts, and not by Congress. A few weeks later, Abraham Lincoln, a Republican from Illinois agreed: I grant you that an unconstitutional act is not a law; but I do not ask, and will not take your [Democrats'] construction of the Constitution.

The Supreme Court of the United States is the tribunal to decide such questions, and we will submit to its decisions; and if you do also, there will be an end of the matter. “When reargument [of the case] before the Court began on December 15,” wrote Kenneth Stampp, “the potentially broad political significance of the case had become evident, and of environment public interest in it had increased considerably.” Indeed, “by Christmas 1856, Dred Scott’s name was probably familiar to most Americans who followed the course of national affairs.” The Supreme Court’s Decision. When the Court met for the first time since the reargument to discuss the case on February 14, 1857, it favored a moderate decision that ruled in favor of Sanford but did not consider the larger issues of Negro citizenship and the constitutionality of the Missouri Compromise. The majority chose Justice Nelson as the writer of a decision that avoided these important but highly controversial issues, and Nelson went to work on it. When Nelson presented his opinion to the majority, however, he discovered that his “majority” opinion turned out to be the opinion of only himself.

The Court elected to throw out Nelson’s decision and instead chose Chief Justice Roger B. Taney as the writer of the true majority opinion for Old Man Enormous Essay, the court, an opinion that would include everything under consideration in the case, including Negro citizenship and the constitutionality of the Missouri Compromise. According to Justice Catron, one of the members of the majority, “the court majority. Of Environment! . .had been `forced up’ to its change of plan by the determination of [Justices] Curtis and McLean to present extensive dissenting opinions discussing all aspects of the case.” The majority decided that if the dissenters covered all the issues, they must also. Ironically, the two most antislavery justices may have forced a more proslavery opinion than what the majority originally planned to decide. By mid-February 1857, many well-informed Americans were aware that the conclusion of the Scott v. Sandford case was close at on Power and Energy Difference? hand. President-elect James Buchanan contacted some of his friends on destruction of environment, the Supreme Court starting in early February; he asked if the Court had reached a decision in the case, for he needed to know what he should say about the territorial issue in his inaugural address on March 4. By inauguration day 1857, Buchanan knew what the outcome of the mass oxide, Supreme Court’s decision would be and took the opportunity to throw his support to destruction the Court in his inaugural address: A difference of opinion has arisen in regard to the point of time when the people of a Territory shall decide this question [of slavery] for themselves. This is, happily, a matter of but little practical importance. Besides, it is a judicial question, which legitimately belongs to the Supreme Court of the Essay on Power and Energy is a Difference?, United States, before whom it is now pending, and will, it is understood, be speedily and finally settled. Destruction Of Environment! To their decision, in common with all good citizens, I shall cheerfully submit, whatever this may be. Just two days after Buchanan’s inauguration, on March 6, 1857, the nine justices filed into the courtroom in the basement of the U.S. About Vicks’ Advertisement! Capitol, lead by Chief Justice Taney.

Taney was almost 80 years old, always physically feeble, and even weaker as a result of the effort he had put forth to write the two-hour-long opinion; therefore, he spoke in a low voice that Republicans deemed appropriate for such a “shameful decision.” He first addressed the question of Negro citizenship, not only that of slaves but also that of free blacks: Can a Negro, whose ancestors were imported into this country, and sold as slaves, become a member of the political community formed and brought into destruction existence by the Constitution of the United States, and as such become entitled to all the rights, and privileges, and immunities, guaranteed by that instrument to the citizen? One of the privileges reserved for citizens by televised, the Constitution, argued Taney, was the “privilege of suing in of environment a court of the United States in the cases specified by the Constitution.” Taney’s opinion stated that Negroes, even free Negroes, were not citizens of the United States, and Essay and Energy that therefore Scott, as a Negro, did not even have the destruction of environment, privilege of being able to sue in about Analyzing Vicks’ a federal court. Taney then turned to the question of the constitutionality of the Missouri Compromise. The territories acquired from France in the Louisiana Purchase of 1803, Taney stated, were dependent upon the national government, and the government could not act outside its framework as set forth in the Constitution. Congress, for example, could not deny the citizens of the new territory freedom of speech. Similarly, Congress could not deprive the citizens of the territory of “life, liberty, or property without due process of law,” according to the Fifth Amendment. Taney continued: And an act of Congress which deprives a citizen of the United States of his liberty or property, merely because he came himself or brought his property into a particular territory of the of environment, United States, and who had committed no offense against the laws, could hardly be dignified with the about Industry, name of destruction of environment due process of law.

The Constitution made no distinction between slaves and other types of property. Taney reasoned that the mass oxide, Missouri Compromise deprived slaveholding citizens of their property in the form of slaves and that therefore the of environment, Missouri Compromise was unconstitutional. Scott’s case had one last hope: the televised, Chief Justice could decide that Scott was free because of his stay in destruction of environment the free state of Illinois. Laker Game! Taney made no such decision, instead stating that “the status of slaves who had been taken to free States or territories and who had afterwards returned depended on destruction, the law of the Old Man Essay, State where they resided when they brought suit.” Scott had brought suit in Missouri and hence he was still a slave because Missouri was a slave state. Taney ruled that the case be dismissed for lack of jurisdiction and sent back to the lower court with instructions for destruction, that court to dismiss the case for the same reason, therefore upholding the Missouri Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of A Very Old Man with Wings Essay Sanford. The next day, Justices McLean and Curtis read their dissenting opinions, both of destruction which ruled in favor of Scott. They immediately released the text of their decisions for publication in print, but Taney withheld his for revising until late May; the only record the public had of the majority opinion was a short Associated Press article. This gave the Republicans a decided advantage over the Democrats in the “war of puritan beliefs words,” because the Republicans had the full text of the two pro-Scott dissents, while the Democrats had to rely on simply a paragraph not even written by one of the Court’s justices. The “Republican assault” began as early as March 7, the day after Taney read the majority opinion, when the New York Tribune pronounced that “The decision, we need hardly say, is destruction entitled to just as much moral weight as would be the judgment of a majority of those congregated in any Washington bar-room.” The Chicago Tribune added on March 12: We must confess we are shocked at the violence and servility of the Judicial Revolution caused by the decision of the Supreme Court of the United States.

We scarcely know how to express our detestation of its inhuman dicta or fathom the wicked consequences which may flow from puritan beliefs it . . Destruction! . . To say or suppose, that a Free People can respect or will obey a decision so fraught with disastrous consequences to the People and their Liberties, is to dream of puritan beliefs impossibilities. Democratic newspapers were as quick to defend the decision as Republicans were to assault it. Of Environment! On March 12, the (Washington DC) Daily Union urged the country to respect the decision and unite under it: We cherish a most ardent and confident expectation that this decision will meet a proper reception from the great mass of our intelligent countrymen; that it will be regarded with soberness and not with passion; and that it will thereby exert a mighty influence in diffusing sound opinions and restoring harmony and fraternal concord throughout the country . . Industry! . Destruction Of Environment! . It would be fortunate, indeed, if the opinion of that court on this important subject could receive the candid and respectful acquiescence which it merits. The Cincinnati Daily Enquirer of March 8 was not as optimistic about how the antislavery public would receive the decision:

While thus anticipating a general acquiescence in the decision of the Supreme Court, it would be too much to expect that it will escape attack and censure from disappointed and embittered partisans, whose political capital and hope of office will wither before it. The withholding of Taney’s decision created two major other problems. Mass Of Magnesium! First, it created a schism between Taney and Justice Curtis, one of the dissenters. Curtis had the misfortune of being one of the youngest members of the Court, as well as a native of Massachusetts, a state Taney detested because it epitomized Northern hypocrisy over the issue of destruction of environment slavery. Curtis further angered Taney by requesting to see his majority decision as soon as he released it.

Curtis wanted to see the text of Taney’s majority opinion because many parts of his dissent tied into about The Transportation Industry it. During the spring and the summer of of environment 1857, Curtis and Taney exchanged angry letters, and by September Curtis found the situation so uncomfortable that he handed in his resignation from the Court. The second problem that the withholding of Taney’s decision produced was that when he released it, he had obviously added parts that were direct replies to oxide the dissents of McLean and Curtis. Curtis estimated that Taney had appended “upwards of eighteen pages” since he had read the decision in court and destruction added that “No one can read them without perceiving that they are in reply to my opinion.” Relationships between Northerners and Southerners were already tense, but the withholding of Taney’s opinion served to further polarize the two sides. Many northerners felt that parts of Taney’s decision, specifically the invalidation of the Missouri Compromise on constitutional grounds, were extrajudicial because they were not necessary for laker, arriving at a decision in the case. They charged that after Taney had shown that Scott, as a Negro, had no right to bring a case into a federal court, he should have ended his decision, instead of going on to declare that the Missouri Compromise was unconstitutional. Destruction! Taney defended his decision by saying that the televised, Supreme Court had the right to correct all the errors committed during the Circuit Court trial, including the constitutionality of the Missouri Compromise and the question of Negro citizenship: It has been said, that as this court has decided against the jurisdiction of the Circuit Court on the plea in abatement [which decided whether or not the Court would consider the destruction of environment, question of Scott's citizenship], it has no right to examine any question presented by the exception; and game that anything it may say upon that part of the case will be extra-judicial, and mere obiter dicta. This is a manifest mistake; there can be not doubt as to the jurisdiction of this court to revise the of environment, judgment of the Circuit Court, and to reverse it for any error apparent on with Wings Essay, the record, whether it be the error of giving judgment in a case over which it had no jurisdiction, or any other material error; and this, too, whether there is a plea in abatement or not.

This explanation was not satisfactory for destruction, many northerners, who became angry because Taney, by extending his opinion to include issues that did not have much of a bearing on about Analyzing Vicks’ on ZzzQuil, the case, had unjustly set new precedents. Southerners, of course, stood firmly by the decision of the Court, refusing to concede that any part of Taney’s decision had been extrajudicial. Destruction! This disagreement led to further division between North and South. The decision placed the anti-slavery Republicans in a very difficult situation. They had the choice of mass oxide either agreeing to of environment honor the decision, implying an acceptance of slavery, or refusing to respect it, which would go against the Constitution’s definition of Supreme Court’s decisions as the “law of the land.” Not surprisingly, Republicans found ways to discount the Essay about Analyzing on ZzzQuil, opinion without disrespecting it outright, usually by reasoning that the declaration of the destruction, unconstitutionality of the Essay on Power and Energy, Missouri Compromise was not law. One of of environment their main arguments was that after Taney, speaking for the Court’s majority, had decided that Scott was not a citizen and therefore did not have the right to laker be in a federal court, anything else he said was obiter dictum and of environment therefore not law.

Although this conceded the Democrats a small victory in upholding the puritan beliefs, non-citizenship of Negroes, this argument threw out the destruction, Court’s ruling that the Missouri Compromise was unconstitutional, a major victory for the Republicans. One writer of the time declared that “the members of the most ultra school of that [Republican] party . . Essay ВЂ“ There! . admit, that the question of the citizenship of persons of African descent was the only question authoritatively decided, in the case of destruction Scott.” Following a similar line of reasoning, Republicans also argued that a judicial majority had not decided on the unconstitutionality of the Missouri Compromise and that therefore it was not law. George Curtis, one of Essay about The Transportation Scott’s attorneys, argued that. . . . it appears that six of the nine judges expressed the destruction of environment, opinion that the [Missouri] Compromise Act was unconstitutional. Of Magnesium Oxide! But, in of environment order to determine whether this concurrence of six in that opinion constitutes a judicial decision or precedent, it is necessary to see how the Essay Vicks’ Advertisement on ZzzQuil, majority is formed . . . . If . . . the judicial function of each judge who held that the Circuit Court was without jurisdiction [because Scott, as a Negro, was could not be a citizen of the United States] . . . was discharged as soon as he had announced that conclusion, and of environment given his voice for a dismissal of the case on that grounds, then all that he said on the question involved in about the merits was extrajudicial, and the so-called “decision” is no precedent. Republicans also attempted to portray the decision as a proslavery conspiracy, one that included members of the Supreme Court. J.T.

Brooke noted in his analysis of the destruction of environment, case that “it has been repeatedly alleged that the Dred Scott decision was a `got-up case,’ contrived by interested politicians to secure a judicial decision of a political question.” Many Republicans noticed a brief intercourse at Buchanan’s inauguration between the about Industry, President and the Chief Justice, who administered the oath of office, and took that as a sign of of environment a conspiracy between the laker game, executive and judicial branches. Senator William H. Seward, a New York Republican, noted in a widely distributed speech that Scott “had played the hand of a dummy in this interesting political game.” Senator William Pitt Fessenden, a Republican from Maine, declared that. . . . Of Environment! what I consider this original scheme to have been, was to assert popular sovereignty in the first place with a view of rendering the repeal of the Missouri compromise in some way palatable; then to deny it and avow the establishment of slavery; then to legalize this by a decision of the Supreme Court of the United States, and mass oxide claim that it had become established. I sincerely believe that decision of the Supreme Court of the United States was a part of the programme. Some more radical Republicans simply invalidated the entire decision. One writer went so far as to say after the case had been decided that the question of Negro citizenship “never has been judicially decided by any court of competent jurisdiction.” Statements such as this, however, generally “surprise[d] even Republicans.” Democrats, unwilling to of environment let these Republican proclamations go unchallenged, mounted a strong defense of their own, especially in response to A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings Essay the conspiracy charges. Senator Judah P. Benjamin of destruction Louisiana refuted Senator Fessenden’s argument in a speech to President Buchanan: Senator [Fessenden] . . Laker! . says the Constitution does not recognize slaves as property, nor protect them as property, and destruction of environment his reasoning, a little further on, is somewhat curious . . . . Nothing but my respect for The Transportation, the logical intellect of the Senator from Maine [Fessenden] could make me treat this argument as serious, and nothing but having heard it myself would make me believe that he ever uttered it. As for Senator Seward’s cries of destruction conspiracy, Senator Benjamin simply asked to see the facts that proved these charges: This man [Taney] has been charged by the Senator from New York [Mr.

Seward] with a corrupt coalition with the Chief Magistrate of the Union. A Very With Enormous Wings Essay! He charges in fact . . . that the Supreme Magistrate of the destruction, land and the judges of our highest court, and the parties to the Dred Scott case, got up a mock trial; that they were all in common collusion to is a cheat the country . . . Destruction! . What are the of magnesium oxide, facts? Men should be a little careful in making such accusations as these; unless, indeed they care not whether they be true or false . . . Destruction! . Democrats also sought to depict Republicans as anti-Constitutional because they refused to completely submit to the decision of the Supreme Court, even though the Court’s decision, according to the Democrats, had been entirely within their jurisdiction as defined in the Constitution. Stephen Douglas especially used this technique to vilify Abraham Lincoln during their debates in Illinois in 1858: Mr. The Transportation Industry! Lincoln goes for a warfare upon the Supreme Court of the United States, because of their judicial decision in the Dred Scott case.

I yield obedience to the decisions in that court–to the final determination of the highest judicial tribunal known to our constitution. Impact of Dred Scott. The Dred Scott decision served as an destruction, eye-opener to Northerners who believed that slavery was tolerable as long as it stayed in Essay and Energy is a Difference? the South. If the destruction, decision took away any power Congress once had to laker game regulate slavery in new territories, these once-skeptics reasoned, slavery could quickly expand into much of the western United States. And once slavery expanded into the territories, it could spread quickly into the once-free states. Lincoln addressed this growing fear during a speech in Springfield, Illinois on destruction of environment, June 17, 1858: Put this and about Vicks’ Advertisement on ZzzQuil that together, and destruction we have another nice little niche, which we may, ere long, see filled with another Supreme Court decision, declaring that the Constitution of the United States does not permit a State to exclude slavery from its limits. . . . We shall lie down pleasantly dreaming that the people of Missouri are on the verge of making their State free, and we shall awake to laker game televised the reality instead, that the Supreme Court has made Illinois a slave State. For many Northerners who had remained silent on the issue, this very real possibility was too scary to ignore.

Suddenly many Northerners who had not previously been against the South and against slavery began to realize that if they did not stop slavery now, they might never again have the chance. This growing fear in destruction of environment the North helped further contribute to the Civil War. Four years after Chief Justice Taney read his infamous Scott v. Sandford decision, parts of the proslavery half of the Union had seceded and the nation was engaged in civil war. Because of the passions it aroused on both sides, Taney’s decision certainly accelerated the start of this conflict. Essay On Power And Energy ВЂ“ There Is A! Even in 1865, as the destruction of environment, long and bloody war drew to Old Man Wings a close with the Northern, antislavery side on top, a mere mention of the decision struck a nerve in the Northern Congress. A simple and destruction customary request for laker, a commemorative bust of Taney, to be placed in a hall with busts of destruction of environment all former Supreme Court Chief Justices, was blocked by the Republican-controlled Congress. Laker! Charles Sumner, the leader of those who blocked the request, had strong words on the late Chief Justice and his most notorious decision: I speak what cannot be denied when I declare that the opinion of the Chief Justice in the case of Dred Scott was more thoroughly abominable than anything of the of environment, kind in the history of courts. Judicial baseness reached its lowest point on that occasion. You have not forgotten that terrible decision where a most unrighteous judgment was sustained by a falsification of history. Laker! Of course, the Constitution of the United States and every principle of Liberty was falsified, but historical truth was falsified also. . . Clearly Scott v. Sandford was not an easily forgotten case.

That it still raised such strong emotions well into the Civil War shows that it helped bring on the war by hardening the destruction of environment, positions of each side to with the point where both were willing to of environment fight over The Transportation, the issue of destruction slavery. The North realized that if it did not act swiftly, the Southern states might take the oxide, precedent of the Scott case as a justification for expanding slavery into new territories and free states alike. The South recognized the threat of the Republican party and knew that the party had gained a considerable amount of support as a result of the Northern paranoia in the aftermath of the destruction, decision. In the years following the case, Americans realized that these two mindsets, both quick to defend their side, both distrustful of the other side, could not coexist in the same nation. About Analyzing Vicks’ Advertisement! The country realized that, as Abraham Lincoln stated, “`A house divided against itself cannot stand.’ . . . This government cannot endure, permanently half slave and destruction of environment half free.” Scott’s case left America in “shocks and throes and convulsions” that only the complete eradication of slavery through war could cure.